Fancy Luxurious BKK Hotel Under $100 – The Salil Hotel Sukhumvit 57

Date of Travel: July 2017

So we planned another trip to BKK (rather last-minute, I have to admit) because we needed to get new suits for J – that was actually the main purpose of the trip, so you can imagine how much shopping time I sacrificed.

If anyone is interested, we got them done at Jesse & Sons – they were slightly pricey, but undeniably good. My time waiting at the couch was also made more bearable with free coffee/whiskey – brownie points.

Because I wasn’t going to get much shopping time, I had the full say on our accommodation choice (that’s a lie, I was always going to do the research anyway), so I searched till I found a good pretty one at a reasonable okay price.


Here’s more about it!



One of our concerns – since we wanted to be relatively close to the tailors. Also, we did not have any intention of going into town area like Siam or even Platinum, and preferred to do some cafe-hopping this trip.

The Salil Hotel was conveniently situated at Thonglor, walking distance from the Metro Station. If you are up for a short walk, you can even walk 1.4km to Emporium Shopping Complex and shorter to J Avenue. There were tons of cafes in the area, either walking distance, or super cheap Grab ride away.

At the entrance of the street there’s a minimart (for your late night snacks!) and just below the hotel itself  there are several street vendors selling really good food. We actually bought from them a few times (delicious Tom Yum) and brought it up to the room to eat in comfort.

Overall, super happy with the location and convenience of the place!


Not gonna lie, the pictures on of the rooms were the main reason I booked this hotel. I’m shallow like that.

I even got the slightly better room (Deluxe Suite) because of the pictures, and man… it was worth it.

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Imagine the number of photos J had to take hehehe

The room was very spacious and extremely well designed (in fact, the whole hotel was very pretty). It had everything I wanted – a nice comfortable robe, bathtub which you could watch the TV from (since you could look into the room while soaking in hot water), a lounging area…

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TV while Soaking = awesome

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Plushy lounge corner

I was further impressed with the microwave and availability of bowls, plates and utensils. This made our meals awesome since we could reheat them and place them in proper bowls and plates.

They also gave complimentary snacks and coffee/tea –  mmm!


The only con I would say was the pushiness of the staff. When we were trying to book a transport to our tailor, the hotel staff kept insisting on bringing us to a different tailor (which I am sure they work with to get commission). Despite us saying that we already know our tailor and would just like to go there, they spent a good 15 minutes telling us how their contact was the best, everyone went there, would definitely be better and cheaper etc.



When they relented and got us a car to go to the tailor (despite us wanting a metered taxi), even the driver tried to convince us to go to their tailor instead. We were half afraid he would drive there anyway!

From then on, we booked our transport with Grab. (Grab, you are amazinggggggg) We also did not want to have further interactions with the counter staff from then on!



Despite the ugly-ish service at the start, the rest of our stay was ok, and the beautiful hotel made up for it. Stepping in, we were really wow-ed by the décor – not gaudy at all! On the last day, we even found some time to have a quick coffee at the Hotel Café. Pretty right?

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The Lobby

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Their Secret Garden-style Cafe.

They also had a nice pool and little gym which was nicely maintained! It was a chill place to be at.

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I didn’t go there just for pictures – I swam too! #JustSaying


The most important question – how much did it cost? Under $100!! Yes, even for the deluxe suite. WHUTTTTT. All that luxury sure does not look like it would cost below $100. In fact, it was about SGD $96/night – not bad right?

Even though I’m sure you can get pretty accommodation in BKK for a much lower price, but this level of comfort (plus the hotel is quite new, I believe) for below $100 is worth it.

Tip: When my friends tried to search it up, it cost them about $120 – so I guess if you want it below $100, you’ll need to book in advance.


The Salil Hotel had everything you could want – in style! I’m a sucker for instagrammable places and this hotel really hit the right notes with its design and colours. For the location, comfort, price and pictures, it’s definitely worth a stay. So spread the word and share with your travel kakis!

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Amaranta Hotel (Bangkok) – Must Stay!

Amaranta Hotel (2 Soi 5 Pracharatbumpen Rd., Huai Khwang, Bangkok, Bangkok, 10310, Thailand, ‏‎800 1205131)

In preparations for my Bangkok trip in February 2016, I came across this hotel using (as I always do, trying to earn discounts & free nights!). It had a great rating (4.3/5), many positive reviews, beautiful pictures & a decent price at $85/night including all taxes – I was definitely sold!

Of course, I always try to maintain my expectations and not get over-excited, because in many cases the actual rooms don’t look like the pictures (or look like the pictures, but 10 years later). But OH MY, I was extremely happy with this place.

It is apparently very new (hence the rooms looking quite identical to the pictures, and the price being SO GOOD) and I’m sure the prices will definitely go up as more people find this place. Here’s some info below to convince you!

Hotel Decor & Staff

Decked out in gold tones, it has a super luxurious feel from the moment you step in. Everything looks clean and new! Hotel staff are very helpful and courteous, opening doors for us and greeting us everyday. Service is top-notch.


I went for the Superior Room (32 Sq meters) which came with a double bed and all the normal hotel things (minibar, LCD TV, kettle, WIFI!) as well as a lounge sofa and a deep-soaking bathtub which you can sit in and watch the TV from. I mean, who doesn’t want to come back to a nice, big room after a long day of shopping, soak in hot water and bubbles while watching movies on cable? If this doesn’t convince you, I don’t know what will. The bed was comfortable and plushy, and we had gold silky bathrobes to lounge around in!

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Plushy bed with a cuppa coffee in the morning



They have a gym, pool, restaurant/bar. Unfortunately, I only managed to visit the pool on the last day before checking out, but it is gorgeous! I can totally imagine myself relaxing here with a book while enjoying the view.

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Ok, maybe the view is questionable.. but still…


It is walking distance to Hwai Khwang MRT (Not BTS) which is quite near to Chatuchak/Union Mall.

Just below the hotel, you can find 7-11 (great for late night snacks) as well as quite a few food stalls selling Thai/Chinese food (I suspect it’s like a little Chinatown, since the workers in this area speak Mandarin too!).

Also below, there are quite a few massage places (clean ones) with 1hr massage for 180baht – don’t expect much frills here though.


Highly recommended (quick, before the prices get sky-high) for your next getaway to Bangkok!