Fancy Luxurious BKK Hotel Under $100 – The Salil Hotel Sukhumvit 57

Date of Travel: July 2017

So we planned another trip to BKK (rather last-minute, I have to admit) because we needed to get new suits for J – that was actually the main purpose of the trip, so you can imagine how much shopping time I sacrificed.

If anyone is interested, we got them done at Jesse & Sons – they were slightly pricey, but undeniably good. My time waiting at the couch was also made more bearable with free coffee/whiskey – brownie points.

Because I wasn’t going to get much shopping time, I had the full say on our accommodation choice (that’s a lie, I was always going to do the research anyway), so I searched till I found a good pretty one at a reasonable okay price.


Here’s more about it!



One of our concerns – since we wanted to be relatively close to the tailors. Also, we did not have any intention of going into town area like Siam or even Platinum, and preferred to do some cafe-hopping this trip.

The Salil Hotel was conveniently situated at Thonglor, walking distance from the Metro Station. If you are up for a short walk, you can even walk 1.4km to Emporium Shopping Complex and shorter to J Avenue. There were tons of cafes in the area, either walking distance, or super cheap Grab ride away.

At the entrance of the street there’s a minimart (for your late night snacks!) and just below the hotel itself  there are several street vendors selling really good food. We actually bought from them a few times (delicious Tom Yum) and brought it up to the room to eat in comfort.

Overall, super happy with the location and convenience of the place!


Not gonna lie, the pictures on of the rooms were the main reason I booked this hotel. I’m shallow like that.

I even got the slightly better room (Deluxe Suite) because of the pictures, and man… it was worth it.

Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset

Imagine the number of photos J had to take hehehe

The room was very spacious and extremely well designed (in fact, the whole hotel was very pretty). It had everything I wanted – a nice comfortable robe, bathtub which you could watch the TV from (since you could look into the room while soaking in hot water), a lounging area…

Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset

Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset

TV while Soaking = awesome

Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset

Plushy lounge corner

I was further impressed with the microwave and availability of bowls, plates and utensils. This made our meals awesome since we could reheat them and place them in proper bowls and plates.

They also gave complimentary snacks and coffee/tea –  mmm!


The only con I would say was the pushiness of the staff. When we were trying to book a transport to our tailor, the hotel staff kept insisting on bringing us to a different tailor (which I am sure they work with to get commission). Despite us saying that we already know our tailor and would just like to go there, they spent a good 15 minutes telling us how their contact was the best, everyone went there, would definitely be better and cheaper etc.



When they relented and got us a car to go to the tailor (despite us wanting a metered taxi), even the driver tried to convince us to go to their tailor instead. We were half afraid he would drive there anyway!

From then on, we booked our transport with Grab. (Grab, you are amazinggggggg) We also did not want to have further interactions with the counter staff from then on!



Despite the ugly-ish service at the start, the rest of our stay was ok, and the beautiful hotel made up for it. Stepping in, we were really wow-ed by the décor – not gaudy at all! On the last day, we even found some time to have a quick coffee at the Hotel Café. Pretty right?

Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset

The Lobby

Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset

Their Secret Garden-style Cafe.

They also had a nice pool and little gym which was nicely maintained! It was a chill place to be at.

Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset

I didn’t go there just for pictures – I swam too! #JustSaying


The most important question – how much did it cost? Under $100!! Yes, even for the deluxe suite. WHUTTTTT. All that luxury sure does not look like it would cost below $100. In fact, it was about SGD $96/night – not bad right?

Even though I’m sure you can get pretty accommodation in BKK for a much lower price, but this level of comfort (plus the hotel is quite new, I believe) for below $100 is worth it.

Tip: When my friends tried to search it up, it cost them about $120 – so I guess if you want it below $100, you’ll need to book in advance.


The Salil Hotel had everything you could want – in style! I’m a sucker for instagrammable places and this hotel really hit the right notes with its design and colours. For the location, comfort, price and pictures, it’s definitely worth a stay. So spread the word and share with your travel kakis!

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Club Room Stay at Oasia Novena – Worth It? Read and decide!

Date of stay: March 2017

Since it was J’s birthday, I decided to surprise him with a luxurious-ish pampering staycay, to get his mind off work and away from all the crazy house reno, wedding, planning stuff.

I decided then on Oasia Novena because it looked peaceful and quite luxurious, and had a good location (near food, yay!) without an exorbitant price tag. At the very last minute, I decided to get the Club Room (for the first time) for extra pampering.

With the club room, we were to have Club Lounge access – a private lounge and pool area with refreshments and snacks, as well as a nice room with a bathtub!

Did we enjoy the staycay? Yes.

Was it worth it? Hmm.

Let me share more and you can decide on your own.


The room was slightly on the small side at 25sq-meter. No complaints there though, as it looked really good and was comfortable, just a little less walking space than we expected.


Pretty much the view of the room from the entrance (toilet to my right, TV and table in front of the bed)

Although there were some reviews of people not getting a bathtub, I’m glad we got a room with one!



Club Room Perk: Complimentary in-room selection of healthy beverages.

This was actually 2 packets of coconut water, 2 sparkling water and 2 bottles of normal mineral water in fridge. Really? We were hoping for a little minibar or even free chips, but I guess that’s not counted as healthy at all. Haha.

Other Club Room Perks: Cable TV Channels (yes, loads of Harry Potter movies to keep us entertained), Nespresso coffee, premium bath amenities… so this was alright, and while really nice, nothing much to be wowed over as well.


This was actually the only reason why I would consider getting a Club Rooms again. The club lounge is on the 22nd floor with indoor seating and an outdoor pool area with more seating options.


Even coffee and chips can look instagrammable!

I loved that we could chill there with unlimited coffee/tea and some snacks (peanuts, tapioca chips..). It made me wonder if this was what I had been missing out all my life. Lol. Okay, but seriously, it was quite good. The staff there are attentive, and don’t judge when you pig out on a bowl of chips. Plus the coffee they make is quite good.



Mini burgers

They also had cocktail hours from 6pm – 8pm where you can get free flow cocktails, red and white wine along with some light bites.



The light bites were even quite fancy, and we had that for dinner (not really because we were cheap, but because of such a late check-in, more on that later!).

The other thing I really loved was the pool area – a pool and heated Jacuzzi without the massive crowd. Yes.


Jacuzzi View


The cold pool


Of course I had to take some pictures… lol

Because of the cold weather (it was pouring), we stayed mostly in the heated Jacuzzi, which was heavenly, and amazing at night! Love love love.




Okay, so on the website it stated that a Club Room perk was “priority check-in”. In my mind, that’s pretty awesome itself, because what better way to start a relaxing staycay than to skip the long queues of people checking in and out and having a expedited check-in?

Screen Shot 2017-03-22 at 8.29.43 PM.png

Screenshot from their website

When we arrived, we asked around for the priority check-in, only to be told that it doesn’t exist anymore. Whut. 

We were ushered to join in the queue and I was a little annoyed. When it finally got to our turn, I asked again about the priority check-in and the concierge said as well “Oh, we don’t have that anymore. That recently changed.”

While she was saying that (I kid you not, WHILE she was saying that), there was an Ipad displayed right next to me encouraging guests to upgrade to a Club Room with one of the perks being “priority check-in”. Okay.

To this date, it’s still featured on the website as a benefit of getting a club room. Now looking back, it’s probably not THAT big of a deal, but it was rather disappointing to have the expectation of a fuss-free priority check-in but being told to join the crowd.

*Another perk of Club Room – guaranteed either early check-in or late check-out. (Being Singaporean, I requested for both, lol)

But the thing that happened was that our room wasn’t ready, and would only be ready at 5pm. It was around 2.30pm at that point of time, so that meant at least 2 hours of waiting.


However, they agreed to let us have a late checkout at 5pm the next day, and we could wait it out in the club lounge with coffee and snacks. Pros and cons, I guess? There were also quite a few guests waiting impatiently there, and occasionally going to check with the staff whether their room was ready. Again not a big deal,, but a rather disappointing start.


So was it worth it? I guess it boils down to the price.

The Club Room on (which I do almost all my bookings on) was originally $340, but had a discount at that time of booking to about $280. I’m not sure about you, but that’s on the higher side for us, as we don’t usually spend that much on a staycation.


I am still quite undecided if it was worth it, to be honest. Spending that much (for me), I was expecting the weekend to be a little smoother, from a priority fuss-free check-in (that was promised) to a comfortable-slightly luxurious stay.

So it started off shaky with the definitely-not priority check-in, super late delay, but it got slightly smoothened by the late check-out and club lounge perks. So I guess it’s like GPA – once your first semester kind of screws up, even though your subsequent semesters’ GPAs are good, you probably won’t get a stellar cGPA at the end.

Maybe I’ll just stick to normal rooms from now?


What do you think? Was it worth it or not?




Bali’s Most Instagrammable Villa – Cloud Nine Estate

Cloud Nine Estate: Jalan Rsi Markandya 2. Banjar Sebali. Desa Keliki.

Date of Visit: February 2017

Guys, this is definitely NOT a sponsored post in any way, but I just had to share this gorgeous villa with everyone (though a little reluctantly, because I’m definitely looking forward to going back there, and I don’t want them to be fully booked or have their prices increase haha).

Since we travelled there in February for a pre-wedding photoshoot, we were looking for somewhere a little more luxurious (but still affordable) to stay at, so as to complete the whole happy experience. My good friend recommended Cloud Nine Estate long ago, but it was slightly out of budget so I never got around to treating myself.

Until this trip.

Let me tell you, it was so worth it.

It’s literally a little piece of heaven in a quiet corner of Ubud! Every corner was gorgeous and so carefully put together. Most importantly, it was so instagrammable.

The villas are exquisitely crafted with designer pieces, which are, at the same time environmentally conscious. Okay, let me stop gushing about it and show you some pictures.

Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset

The Villa Compound


My favourite spot to lie and look out into nature


Even the sofa looks like this!



It is nestled inside a quiet village of Ubud, about 25-30 minutes away from Central Ubud. You can either contact them to arrange the transport for you, or get a driver to take you there!

Be sure to keep your eyes wide open when you are nearing the villa, there will be a small sign at the side of the road with “Cloud Nine Estate”. Then you have to get off and walk down the steps to the villa. I love that it’s so tucked away from everything else!

Tip: It is quite a distance away from any convenience stall, so if you love snacking, stock up on snacks before you head there!


They have 3 villas for you to choose from – Star Cloud Villa, Lotus Cloud Villa and another villa which is made of 3 suites (Anjali Suite, Tara Suite and Dewi Suite) which can be booked separately or together.

I stayed in Lotus Cloud Villa, which I absolutely adored. Every nook and cranny was like a dream come true! Even the cutlery were instagrammable, heh!

Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset

Spent the afternoon on this swing bed!


Instagrammable Bed

Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset

See what I mean? haha!

Even though they had a shared pool (I usually prefer villas with private pools), but since there were only 3 villas in total, there were no issues at all. I went down at least twice, and had the whole pool to myself – I could even nap and float on my unicorn! Oh, and take loads of pictures.


Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset



Yes, the most important for all Singaporeans – how about food?

Firstly, breakfast and tea are provided free of charge. And not just any breakfast or tea – beautiful breakfast and tea.

Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset

Tea time 😀

You get to choose from a menu for breakfast daily (they come by to take your orders in the evening) and there are options like Eggs Benedict, Pancakes and local delights. You can also have coffee/tea AND juice.

They also provide coffee, tea and daily fruits in the villa for you!

For all other meals, they provide you with a variety of different menus that you can choose – Italian, western, local. They will take your order and it will be delivered to you in one hour! In my opinion, the prices were good, and the food was delicious. Just don’t be stupid like us and order ice-cream. What were we thinking, seriously?


I was a little worried that we wouldn’t have anything to do (with me being hyperactive) but once I got there, I did NOT want to do anything.

I lounged around outside, inside, on the sofa, on the bed, by the pool….


They have a ukelele and yoga mat for you to use..

You can opt for tours (which they will help you arrange), or private yoga classes at the villa itself. You can also go for a long walk in the gorgeous nature. We tried going for a short walk around the area and saw pretty rice terraces, but nothing much.

Another awesome thing you should do is get a massage. Just 5 minutes away from the villa, there are 2 well-known (apparently Ubud’s #1 and #2) spas. We went to Ubud Traditional Spa which was #2 and known for its technique.

It cost about 195,000 IDR for an hour, and although it was a great great experience, I still prefer my go-to spa for Ubud – Jaen Spa.


The service at Cloud Nine Estate was unbelievable – the owners stopped by to check if everything was going well and the staff were extremely conscientious.

They would stop by daily to clean the villa, and another time nearing the evening to do a “turn down” . Anytime we called for assistance or enquiries, they would immediately come over to the villa to talk or help. I felt extremely pampered!


So what’s the damage? Prices for the Lotus Cloud Villa starts from SGD$227 per night! Yes, it’s pricier that what I would normally spend on accommodations – but it’s totally worth it.

In fact, I regretted only booking 2 nights there. Most of their customers usually book for a week – and I can totally see why! I’d love to spend a week unwinding in the midst of nature in this peaceful, zen and beautiful villa. #totalgoals


My dream house for real


Peace out

Go ahead and book it for your next holiday, you’re welcome!

Watch the vibes here:


Bali Sights Part 2 – Hidden Gems You Have To Visit!

Date of Travel: November 2016

It’s been awhile since Part 1, which I wrote about the touristy sights in Bali (Ubud) which I was definitely not impressed with – too much crowd, too high expectations. So I’ve finally gotten around to writing about Part 2 (amidst my crazy renovation planning and ROM shebangs) – the two hidden gems YOU HAVE TO VISIT!

  • Melasti Cliff (Ungasan Cliff)
  • Green Bowl Beach

#1. Melasti Cliff / Ungasan Cliff

Ungasan Cliff

What a breath-taking sight!

After getting super disappointed the day before with all the touristy touch-and-go sights, we spent the night doing some thorough research and digging before we found this spot – and everything seemed too good to be true!

I mean, hidden cliff…gorgeous blue waters… and no one to disrupt your me-time? That’s just too amazing! 

Getting There. This was the only hard part as it was not well-known amongst the drivers. We had to use our google map to navigate the driver – thankfully he was super willing to take the adventure with us!

(We used Mano +62 856 3778 685, who charged us 550,000 IDR for the day and drop-off at airport! Amazing guy, let him know you got the contact from Jeremy!)

Costs: No entrance fees! Nada. nothing! 

It was amazing! Once you arrive there, you will see the cliff overlooking the gorgeous gorgeous blue waters below, and the winding roads on the right.


Tier 1 of the Cliff view!

If you are feeling more adventurous, there will be a flight of steps which you can climb up to a clearing!

It’s definitely manageable, so don’t worry about the climb! Once you get to the top, you’ll have to go through some shrubs (and rocks) to get out to the clearing. THEN, you’ll have arrived to the top of the cliff.

Processed with VSCO with s3 preset

Legs dangling over the edge – I was just a tiny little bit scared too haha!

The view here is UH-MAY-ZING. Better than anything you’ve seen.. and the best part? You’ve got it all to yourself. 

On the far right is the Banyan Tree Ungasan Hotel – if you are feeling atas go ahead and drop by there for a meal or stay! If you have extra time, head down to the beaches too, you definitely won’t regret it.

#2. Green Bowl Beach

Processed with VSCO with s3 preset

From what I’ve heard, this beach used to be a private beach to a resort. But after a natural disaster hit, the resort was never restored and the beach became accessible to the public.

Getting There. Definitely use Google Maps too! You will need a driver, as it’s hard to get there on your own.

Costs: Small entrance fee (5,000 – 15,000 IDR)

*Climbing down: When you arrive, you will need to climb down a long flight of steps (about 300 steps!!) so it will take some effort. I strongly recommend you to get some drinks or ice cream from the shop at the top before you start, and just enjoy the climb down. The climb back up will be more painful, fyi haha!

Tips: The only thing I didn’t like about the beach was the peddlers who WILL harass you. At the top, some old ladies will try to convince you for massages (say no! I’ve read that they are a rip-off) and on the beach itself, quite a few vendors will stalk you and harass you, to the point of not leaving until you buy. Be very firm, don’t give in, and make sure someone stays with your belongings, or if there are any others around, you can politely ask them to help keep a lookout!

Bring beach towels, water and snacks, or you might have to buy some (at a higher price) from the ladies!

Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset

So worth it

Other than that, this place is phenomenal. There are small caves for you to sit under and relax in the shade. The waters are clear and refreshing, and the beach is clean!

What more could you ask for?


Heading to Bali soon? Don’t forget to check out these places, I hope you’ll love them as much as I did!

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Bali Sights Part 1 – Unimpressive Tourist Attractions but a Crazy Good Spa Find!

Date of travel: November 2016

Recommended Driver: Mano (+62 856 3778 685)
(let him know you got the contact from Jeremy!)

Bali has always been reverently known as the Island of the Gods, aptly so, as almost every corner finds you in a breath-taking landscape you never knew could exist.

Ungasan Cliff

Prior to this trip, I have hardly ever been to Bali, except for a few times MANY years ago, staying at Hard Rock Hotel (what a shame to have missed out on the gorgeous villas available everywhere) and travelling no further than the beach down the road. This trip has been quite an eye-opener and I am certain there will be many more trips soon to explore more parts of Bali!

Check out the video here! (Bump the quality up to HD!)

Although we stayed in a villa 30minutes from Ubud, it took us one day to realize that touristy spots weren’t for us. The first driver we used insisted on bringing us to the usual tourist attractions –

  • Tegenungan Waterfall
  • Tegalalang Rice Terraces
  • Mount Batur (sightseeing only)
  • Uluwatu Temple

I honestly believe that he was probably getting commissions for it, but as we haven’t had time to do much research, we went along with it. Here are the short & honest reviews of the four places.

#1. Tegenungan Waterfall

According to them, this is one of the highest and “prettiest” waterfalls in the area. It was actually really impressive with its height, and the force of the water flowing down is almost scary (feels like it would hurt if you stood directly underneath it, or that your bikini would totally come off heh).

Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset

Tegenungan Waterfall

Costs: IDR10,000 to get in, and they charge you another IDR10,000 to see the waterfall from the top.

The low-down: The water looks murky, slightly dirty (not like some of the others I’ve seen, makes you rethink swimming in them). There are many tourists around trying to get same shot as you, so don’t expect a serene and peaceful experience.

There are also a number of steps to climb down to the waterfall (and up again on your way back). Overall, we weren’t too impressed with it!

#2. Tegalalang Rice Terraces

Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset

I have to admit it WAS pretty!

Again a super-touristy area. It is, however, beautiful to look at and take some iconic photos. I loved the vast greenery of the rice terraces and climbing down to different spots (for different photos) but after a while, that’s pretty all you get!

Costs: IDR10,000 to enter the area.

Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset

Climb down for a nicer shot!

After looking at the rice terraces, there are a number of shops and restaurant places to grab a bite at. Nothing much fantastic, and prices are not that attractive either. There are many street children there trying to sell you postcards and merchandise, do beware of them, as they will gather and crowd you once you give attention to any of them!

#3. Mount Batur (sightseeing only)

Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset

Mount Batur in the distance..

So when we mentioned that we wanted to see Mount Batur, the driver insisted on bringing us to a restaurant that we could see Mount Batur “up close”. Without any much details, he just drove us to a place called “Grand Puncak Sari” where we had buffet and stared out at the view of the volcano from far away. There were many other restaurants along the same stretch selling buffet with a view.

Cost: IDR 125,000 per pax (there is still tax on this)

Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset

The Food

I was definitely not impressed. The food was average and not at all worth the price (there are much better local food around at a fraction of the price) and to be extremely honest, the view was pretty but too far away to be anything special. Had I known it would be like this (or had enough information to google and research before) I would have decided either to climb Mt Batur or not even visit this place to look at it. Gah.

Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset

This was also the deciding factor on changing our driver, as well as his input on the massage place we wanted at the end of the day. (Note: the driver contact listed at the top is our second driver, highly recommended!)

#4. Uluwatu Temple

Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset

The view from the temple

Uluwatu Temple was listed as one of the must-see places on many online forums, and after seeing some gorgeous shots (especially at sunset), we decided to visit as well! Many tours offer this as part of the package, as well as some fire dance and she-bangs after.

The whole area takes about 15 minutes to walk through, which you can look at the cliff and the sea below, as well as some statues and ornaments. However, it was quite packed with large groups of tourists with rude manners (shan’t say where they are from) who will definitely be talking at the top of their voices, pushing people out of their way and preventing you from getting nice pictures.

Costs: IDR30,000 per pax to get in.
*You will need to wrap up with the cloth they provide you as a form of respect, and ladies on their monthly periods will not be allowed up the steps.

There seems to be the actual temple ground further in, but it is not accessible to tourists. So all you will see is the outskirts of it. Is it worth it? I’m not that sure.

Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset

I managed to crop out the people at the sides! yay!



Of course, when in Bali, you must enjoy a massage. Bali is known for amazingly luxurious and very well-priced massages and so, it was a definite must for us! When we first told the driver that we were thinking of getting a massage, he was very insistent on telling us he knew a good place. However, during the day we did our own research and found a gem that we really wanted to try. When we told him the place we wanted to go and the address, he was really reluctant and unhappy to do so. (a big no-no for us!)

But moving on to the good part – Jaen Spa.

By the sheer amount of positive reviews and recommendations we found online, we were totally persuaded to visit Jaen Spa and give it a go. And that was one of the best decisions we made that trip!

PRICING – compared to many other (equivalently luxurious) establishments, Jaen Spa was very reasonably priced.

These were the services we tried-

1 hr Traditional Balinese Massage – USD $12 / IDR 165,000
4 hrs Radja Nenda Spa Package – USD $60 / IDR 720,000

The spa package included a Radja Synchronicity massage (2 therapists work on you at the same time), flower bath, body scrub, facial treatment and hair crème treatment. They also give you a light lunch and drink in the middle! Fwah!


I’ve been to many spas, and this experience was definitely one of the best. The therapists were skilled and able to target sore spots and work on it well, adjusting their pressure to your preference.

For the special Synchronicity massage, although there were 4 hands (2 therapists) working on you at the same time, it is amazing how in synch they were. The strokes blended perfectly – it was literally heaven!


Service was fantastic and the cherry on top of the cake. We felt absolutely pampered and taken care of! At any point of time, there is someone with you making sure you are comfortable and happy.

They also have pick up and drop off services which are cheaper than hiring a driver (you can arrange for a pick up straight from the airport!!) and they were very flexible with letting us explore the town before sending us back, allowing us to maximize our time in the Ubud central.

In conclusion, Jaen Spa is a place you definitely need to visit on your next trip to Bali. Everything was amazing at such an affordable price. Although the 4-hour treatment was a tad too long for me, I enjoyed every minute of the pampering!!

(don’t forget to contact them in advance, they are almost always booked out!)


As for the rest of the touristy spots, feel free to visit them but don’t have high expectations.  Also, stay tuned for my next post (soon) where I’ll be sharing with you about the hidden Ungasan Cliff & Green Bowl Beach!

Spread the love, hope you liked it!

10 Things You Must Eat in Seoul!

Travel Date: September 2016

Anyone who has ever been to Seoul knows that 4 full days in this busy city is wayyyyy too short. Unfortunately, because my girlfriends J, S, and I booked a last-minute trip to Seoul over dinner 2 weeks before (#yolo right?), beggars can’t be choosers and the return flight prices were the most ideal during those dates.

So with only 4 days and approximately 13 meals – every meal had to count. We planned most of our trips according to food (and shopping) in the area, and here’s 10 things you absolutely have to eat on your next trip to Seoul! Special thanks to J who did most of the planning this trip haha!

 #1. Budae Jjigae


Chicken Galbi @ Yoogane, Myeong Dong


Nolboo Budae Jjigae

This was definitely on the top of our list to eat – Budae Jjigae (army stew) is shown in almost all Korean shows, making us salivate every single time. Piping hot pan of ramyeon, kimchi, sausages and meat in spicy sauce mmmmmm…

I love Buddae Jjigae to bits, but it’s just SO EXPENSIVE in Singapore, at least SGD$40 at any place. In Seoul, you can literally walk into any restaurant for delicious army stew, and it’ll cost you about $10 or less per person.

Where to go: Anywhere, but we had our fix at these 2 places.

Yoogane, Myeong Dong | Price: 8,500 Won per person / SGD $10.50

Nolboo Budae Jjigae, Myeong Dong | Price: 5,300 Won per person / SGD $6.50

 #2. Korean BBQ

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset



BBQ + Makgeoli = love 😀 

MEAT!! Again, Korean dramas. There’s nothing like gossiping around a steaming grill of tender meat and glasses of soju, preferably in winter, because hot food tastes extra good in the cold weather.

Although SG has many places offering good Korean BBQ especially around the Tanjong Pagar, but the prices here in Seoul makes it extra sweet.

Where to go: New Mapo Galmaegi, Hongdae | Price: 16,000 Won per person / SGD $20

We ordered Pork Belly, Pork Shortribs, Beef Shortribs (2 servings), Makgeoli (2 bottles) all for SGD$20 per person! The grill came with a ring of eggy goodness that you could eat with the meat, along all the usual (delicious) sides like kimchi, radish and lettuce. SO GOOD, plus it kinda feels healthy, cause you are eating grilled meat with veggies, right?

I’m still salivating as I think about it #nojoke.

 #3. Ginseng Chicken Soup


Ginseng Chicken Soup – 16,000 Won

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset

Ginseng Korean Black Chicken Soup – 23,000 Won

Another must-try is the traditional Korean Ginseng Chicken Soup. The broth is thick and nutritious, with a whole chicken stuffed with glutinous rice. The meat of the chicken is super tender and peels off easily – yum!

Where to eat: Tosokchon Samgyetang, Gyeongbokgung | Price: 16,000 Won / SGD $19.80

Tosokchon is famous for their Ginseng Chicken Soup – the restaurant was packed with both tourists and locals enjoying their meal in a traditional setting. (You sit on the wooden floor with a low table!)

Pricing is very reasonable at 23,000 Won / SGD $28.50 for Tosokchon Ginseng Korean Black Chicken Soup & 16,000 Won / SGD $19.80 for Tosokchon Ginseng Chicken Soup – they give you little shots of Ginseng that you can pour into the soup or drink it up!

#4. Chimaek


Made popular by the Korean drama – My Love From Another Star, Chimaek stands for Chicken + Beer, a sinful combination! Seoul is full of joints selling Fried Chicken & Oven baked crispy chicken – original and with different seasoning (usually around 15,000 Won, a good portion for 2 people). There’s nothing better than sinking your teeth into one of these babies, and washing it down with beer.

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset

Fresh out of the oven!

Where to eat: Oppadak at Myeong Dong | Price: 15,000 Won / SGD $18.50 for 2 pax serving

Public Service Announcement: Don’t indulge in chimaek right before a shopping spree – it tends to make you talk and walk at a ridiculous speed, and purchase many things on impulse! haha

#5. Tteokbokki + Gimbap (plus live octopus if you dare!) – Traditional-style


Ahjumma scooping up some Tteokbokki!

It’s such a waste to not experience the traditional Gwangjang Market and see the bustling activities of the locals. Other than seeing a wide range of merchants (selling everything from fabric to snacks, produce and souvenirs) there is a big section of vendors selling local food.

Many of these merchants sell the same thing – Mung Bean pancakes, Tteokbokki, Gimbap, blood sausage, beancurd skins & live octopus (in tiny tanks, ughhh!).

Take a seat at any of these and be served by an Ahjumma ladling fresh hot food onto a plate!

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset

So good!!

Where to eat: Gwangjang Market | Price: 10,000 Won / SGD $12.30 for a combination of Tteokbokki, Gimbap & Beancurd skin + a bottle of Makgeoli.

#6. O’sulloc Tea House 

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset

Hojicha Bingsu!

O’sulluc has many branches throughout Seoul and Jeju Island – it specializes in Green Tea drinks, dessert and products. J had actually tried the outlet at Jeju and raved about it, so we stopped by mid-afternoon for some dessert to cool off!

Must-try: Hojicha Bingsu – super refreshing and light, topped with a scoop of Hojicha Ice Cream! I’ve always preferred Hojicha to Matcha, somehow it tastes more roasted and less sweet to me, which made this Bingsu perfect for the hot afternoon. For matcha lovers, try their Green Tea O Fredo, 7,000 Won (Green Tea shake topped with green tea ice cream)  – it’s really rich but delicious!

Where to eat: O’sulloc Tea House | Price: 34,000 Won / SGD $42 for Hojicha Bingsu, 2 special iced teas, Matcha roll & Green Tea O Fredo!

#7. Handmade Knife Noodles


Spicy Handmade Noodles

Another specialty in this city is Handmade Korean Knife Noodles. The noodles are very delicate and thin, not chewy or heavy like others. When we visited this place, it was full of locals during the lunchtime crowd – not many tourists at all.

The portion sizes were big in my opinion, but the locals did not have a problem cleaning off the bowl! The light noodles contrasted well with the thick broth. My personal pick is the Spicy Handmade Noodles.


Noodles in White Bean Broth

S had the special Noodles in White Bean Broth – which was served cold. The broth tasted like soya bean milk, but thicker, and the dish was actually delicious. She loved how easy it was to eat (not getting too “gelat”) although I was more conservative, preferring noodles in hot broth!

Where: Gangnamgyoja, Myeong Dong | Price: 8,000 Won per bowl / SGD $9.90

#8. Fusion Jjampong

Jjampong – Korean spicy noodle soup flavoured with seafood and gochugaru.

This is not usually on the lists of “Korean food to try” but it was SO GOOD! This was our super-cheat meal of the trip, but no regrets ok?

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset


Nipong Naepong serves fusion jjampong and pizza – a popular hit among the younger crowd. We ordered the Ro-pong and the signature sweet potato pizza. The Ro-pong was a bowl of noodles with a roe + tomato cream sauce, topped with a mountain of cheese. The result was a tasty, umami, gooey spoonful of noodles, which leaves you wanting more.

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset

Sweet Potato Pizza

We also loved their sweet potato pizza, which tastes exactly how it sounds – sweet potato and cheese on a thin crust. Although the crust was less crispy than I expected, the pizza was very good.

Where: Nipong Naepong, many outlets in Seoul | Price: 18,800 Won / SGD $23 for a bowl of Ro-pong & Sweet Potato Pizza – big enough to be shared by 3 people!

#9. Random Cafés

Of course, we stopped at many cafes along the way for our coffee fix (ok, I admit that I’m a coffee addict, and my girls had to lead me to cafes when I was running low on caffeine.)

A few notable cafes were Angel-in-us Coffee and Holly’s Coffee – which were all over Seoul.


Fluff Ball!!

An interesting café was Tia Pol – near the Bukchon Hanok Village. They served Cotton Candy coffee (which was basically cotton candy on top of your coffee lol!)

I liked their Cotton Candy, which was not as sweet than the usual Pasar Malam ones in Singapore, and ended up putting most of it into my Americano to sweeten it up – hey, it works!

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset

So instagrammable

Where: Tia Pol, Bukchon Street | Price: 5,000 Won / SGD $6.20

Another café was at the new Common Ground shopping “mall” in containers. Don’t forget to take your #ootd in front of the iconic blue containers haha!

Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset

My attempt at an #ootd LOL!

Although most of the shops there are rather pricey, the café Dore Dore is a good place to chill out, with instagrammable interior, lots of natural lighting and pretty cakes. We had such a hard time choosing between the Rainbow Cake and the Tiramisu – and went for tiramisu instead!

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset

Really good cake!


Galaxy Nails done at 3D Nails (Jurong East) #obsessed

Where: Dore Dore Cafe at Common Ground, Gwangjin-gu | Price: 25,000 Won for a Vanilla Latte, Hot Cocoa, Tea & Tiramisu cake! #nofilterneeded

#10. Tea Egg + Sweet Rice Drink @ Jjimjilbang

Jjimjilbang – Korean public bathhouse

Last of all, how could you not have an authentic Korean experience at the Jjimjilbang? It’s something everyone should try at least once.

There are quite a few sauna rooms at different temperatures for you to try out like the Ice Room (this one no joke, too cold), Salt Room (around 40-50 degrees celcius) and Jade Room (above 60 degrees I think, also no joke!). Other than that, there are different floors for exercise, entertainment (watch TV), rest and more!

We partook in the Jjimjilbang ritual we saw on Korean dramas – cracking a tea egg on your forehead and drinking cold sweet rice drinks! On hindsight, those tea eggs were not that easy to crack (ouch, painful man!!) but still good to eat. Oh, we also googled how to tie the towels on our heads and walked around like stupid tourists!

Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset



Dat egg tho

Other than an ahjumma letting out some potent gas next to us (we ran), it was an amazing experience.

Where to go: Siloam Sauna, Seoul Station | Price: 15,000 Won / SGD $18.50 for entry & about 3,000 Won /SGD $3.70 for food/drinks

Have you tried everything on this list? If not, you should be planning your next trip back to Seoul! Btw, shopping burns calories, so you’re good! 

Hope you guys liked it, spread the love and share!



Mandatory Tourist Shot #basic








Seoul Station Airbnb – Perfect For Seoul-Searching below $150 (Must-Go!)

Sweet Studio @ Seoul Station (click link)

First time on Airbnb? Get $40 credit!

Date of visit: September 2016

Perfect for : 3 -4 pax

Seoul was a very impromptu trip for my girls and I, having decided and planned only a couple of weeks in advance. Air tickets were pricey at $800+ (Korean Airlines) due to last minute booking, and we could not spare too much time for accommodation research, in case everywhere would be booked out!

That being said, it was my FIRST time in Seoul and I’ve been watching Running Man and various K-dramas enough to be a little giddy over it, sarang-hae! provided quite a few options, however as we had 3 pax, the comfortable places were quite pricey, at least $190/night. 5 nights would be a huge dent for us, less moolah for shopping yo!

With this thought, we turned to Airbnb in search for that perfect Korean, K-drama-worthy place. Although we found quite a few places, we eventually decided on this one because of the pictures (superficial, I know), location, and most importantly, reviews!

(Photos from Airbnb, sorry they are a little blurry!)


Spacious Apartment



Access to Gym

Of course, anything can look good on website pictures, so let me share more about the place (and some of my own pictures too!)


One of the main points we picked this place for – convenience. It is located super close to Seoul Station – which is pretty much close to anywhere. We travelled to Myeong Dong, Gangnam, Dongdaemun, Hongdae, Bukchon Hanok Village relatively quickly!

There is also an underpass straight to the train station, so when you are travelling back to the airport, you don’t have to lug your things across the road, or when you are returning back at night and don’t feel too safe on the streets!

There is also a cafe right at the bottom of the building, and a convenience store for all your necessities. Oh ya, Gong Cha too, for you Bubble-Tea addicts.

Did I mention that it was walking distance to Lotte Mart? Brownies/Ramyeon/Foooooddd!

The only con was that there seemed to be quite a few sketchy people who were probably homeless, lurking around on the streets nearby. However, they are non-invasive and mostly kept to themselves, and did not even approach us. Overall, I felt really safe there, even though we came back late most of the time.


There’s definitely plenty of food nearby (other than the cafe and the convenience store).


Don’t forget to get your Banana Milk fix from the convenience store!

(Accessories from

Across the building, there are a number of eateries that open late – all serving delicious Korean fare.


Our first day’s dinner!

Food is tasty and suppppper affordable – this Buddae-tchigae for 2 and another Soy Bean Stew plus Soju costing less that SGD $10 per person!

Along that street, there’s also foodstands with Ahjummas selling street snacks like sweet potatoes and sausages, as well as a fried chicken joint – for those of you who love jjimae (chicken + beer).


Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset

Our Room!

Our room was spacious and tastefully decorated, with 2 double beds that were comfy! Honestly, I had no problem falling asleep every night. 😀

Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset


Just as the listing described, this room was fully equipped with

  • Fridge stocked with drinks (you put 500 Won into the piggy bank for each one)
  • Microwave
  • Washer (the host provides washing powder too!)
  • Stove + cooking equipment
  • Sink
  • Kettle
  • Hair Dryer
  • Cups + Cutlery
  • Wifi Egg (for you to bring around)

In addition, the bathroom was clean and nice, with towels provided too!

I would have loved to check out the gym, but I was wayyyy too tired everyday, besides, I think I burned enough calories walking around those shops lol.

Lastly, this view.

Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset

The Life.

Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset

Gorgeous View


Hosts can usually make or break your experience, and we were fortunate to have good hosts. They made sure we had directions from the airport, and checked in almost everyday!

Whenever we had questions (from how do we get to the airport to where did you get that pretty rug?) they were prompt to reply with very detailed answers. That’s good enough for me.


Inclusive of the cleaning & service fee, and a $40 discount I got from airbnb referral, the total cost was SGD $721 for 5 nights, which came down to $144 per night! Totally worth it, in my opinion.


Heading to Seoul? If you are not a fan of guesthouses and want something more comfortable and plushy (but don’t want to splurge on a pricey hotel #storyofmylife), this is a place you should look at!

I really love the homey, apartment vibe that makes me feel like I’m actually in Seoul, and living like them, instead of a foreigner stuck in a hotel.

Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset

Brb, Seoul-Searching

Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset

Peace Out!

Hope you liked this piece, stay tuned to more posts on Seoul (what to eat, where to go!)

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Lotte Mart Wholesale in Batam – YES!! (Must-Go!)

Lotte Mart Wholesale – Jl. Engku Putri, Batam Centre Core kel. Gulf Tering, district Kota Batam, Batam, Riau islands

Date of visit: July 2016

Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset

Lotte Mart

Having stayed in USA for a year, I’ve grown to appreciate Costco and their wholesale supermarkets – being able to buy things in BULK (like serious bulk) and feeling like I’ve saved a ton of money. I think I’ve once bought like 60 packets of instant Quakers flavoured oatmeal for $15 or something… cool right??

That’s something I miss in Singapore, going grocery shopping with my friends and buying the staple things in bulk. So imagine my excitement when I stumbled into Lotte Mart Wholesale on a weekend trip to Batam!


Lotte Mart Wholesale is a super-sized grocery store aimed to provide businesses (retail, hotels..) and SMEs with quality products at very competitive prices. They use a membership system with these businesses (sending catalogs out and taking orders online, delivering goods to their offices/place), helping them cut costs and save time.

Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset

Everything, everywhere

Although it was meant to be targeted at these businesses, many families also shop here for their daily needs. Oh, and also silly tourists like me who are amazed at these kinds of places.


uh, hello? This is like a grocery-shopper’s dream come true.

Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset

Hello, Nutella

Even if you aren’t going to buy cartons of groceries back home (cos too inconvenient for the ferry), most of the things are wayyy cheaper here, from sanitary pads (yes girls) to snacks..

Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset

So I heard you like Indomie

Indomie? Why not buy 40pcs at only SGD$7.60?

They sell almost everything from TVs, washing powder, home needs, to food, vegetables, fruits and snacks. I even saw a HUGE HUGE cream cake going for like SGD$20. It’s huge, I swear. Satisfy your need for a bargain by going there and buying stuff and ridiculously good prices, Singaporeans!


If you are staying elsewhere, take a taxi here. If you stay at Harmoni One Convention Center & Suites like I did (it’s getting meh, by the way), it’s just outside the hotel, so you can walk across the road to get there.

It has a huge parking lot space so if for some reason you are driving, parking is definitely not a problem.


It’s definitely worth a visit!! I love how this place offers good-quality stuff at wholesale prices, and how BIG this place is. If you are in Batam, don’t forget to make a trip here to stock up on some groceries and snacks!

Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset

70 cents per box 😀

Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset


Don’t say bo jio, share and spread the word!

Ban Sainai – Krabi’s Hidden Gem below $150 (Must-Go!)

Ban Sainai –550, Soi Aonang 11/1, Moo 2, Aonang Beach, Krabi, Krabi, 81000, Thailand, ‏‎800 120 6467

Date of Visit: May 2016

During my last trip to Krabi, we needed a stopover place to stay before our flight home, as we were in Koh Lanta for the majority of the time (see my review on the gorgeous Atlanta Villa). Because it was only for a night, I was issued a strict budget and reminder to be practical haha!

I kept overlooking this particular hotel on since it looked rather “rustic” and “scruffy” from the first glance – no doubt it had a nice rustic charm, BUT I didn’t particularly want to sleep on wooden floors and straw cottages, so I never did any research on it.


Looks charming but a tad too rustic right? (Pic from


Pic from



However, since the rooms started from $60+ a night (wow!) and had a great rating score of 4.8/5 on and was also listed as one of the top hotels on Tripadvisor, I did a closer look at it – and no regrets. Absolutely none.


We travelled from Koh Lanta directly to Ban Sainai, so that journey took us almost 4 excruciating hours. Once again, we used Ao Nang Travel at 075684664 for most of our travels (much cheaper than if you were to arrange for them via hotels).

However, it’s only like 30 minutes away from Krabi Airport (nearer than most other nice hotels) and 6 minutes away from Ao Nang Beach, which is a popular destination for tourists, and bound to have a lot of food (Macdonalds yo). In addition, they have daily free shuttles to Ao Nang Beach itself. (Another hotel I stayed at charged like almost SGD $30 for transport one way to Ao Nang Beach!!)

For transport to Krabi Airport the next day, I used Krabi Shuttle, which cost me like 600 baht (SGD $24), cheaper than via the hotel shuttle.

So thumbs up for this location, it’s definitely very convenient to travel for nightlife, night markets, food and shopping (and beach time!)


In house food was not bad, their room service took awhile (we were starving from the 4 hour ride so perhaps we were biased with hunger) but it was nice and generously portioned. The cost was reasonable as well, SGD $10 – $20 for main courses. Breakfast buffet had a great variety, from asian food like porridge and rice, to western food like french toasts, omelettes, poached eggs and many more!

Because of such a short time at the hotel, we weren’t able to explore the food choices at Ao Nang Beach (we wanted to chill at the hotel since we paid for it haha), but I’m sure there’s plenty of delicious Thai food there, no problems at all!


Even though there were $60+ rooms available, the upgrades were too tempting to resist. I booked one of the poshest sounding room types available because it was so affordable!

The GRAND LAKE VIEW option featured a 60 sq meter room (the size of a 3 room HDB FLAT) with a King bed, a gorgeous balcony with a lake view. What killed me was that it came with a hammock. A HAMMOCK guys, how can you say no?


King-sized bed woohoo

Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset

THE Hammock at our balcony


THE Hammock at sunset – so gorgeous!

It also had a jetted bathtub that comfortably fit 2 people in a bathroom which was very well designed. Oh, and free banana chips. Score!

Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset

Jacuzzi jets for the sore backs – and you can look out at the lake while soaking!



Price: SGD $129 per night. Worth it? I think so.



Service was courteous and polite, but not exceptionally amazing (you could tell they were too used to tourists). But that being said, it was good enough to make you feel happy and relaxed. They had buggy services at certain times to drop you at your room, and are extremely professional.


Hop on the shuttle to Ao Nang Beach and eat your fill, shop and party if you’d like, or check out their swimming pool (which looked gorgeous). Or if you are like us, chill. Hang out on the hammock at the balcony, soak in the jetted bathtub and lie in bed watching Game of Thrones (It happened to be showing that night on TV, so why not?)


Their outdoor pool -photo from



Ban Sainai didn’t look like an obvious choice to soak up luxury, but this is really a hidden gem. If you are heading to Krabi anytime soon, book a stay here and you won’t regret it! It’s really affordable for the comforts provided, there’s plenty of things to do and hey, you get your own hammock!! #dealbreaker



Where else can you find this for under $150/night? Spread the word and share this post!

5 Reasons to Get Travel Insurance (and how to use it)

Everybody knows what Travel Insurance is – it’s that thing that kiasu people buy before they go on a holiday, in case die or kena earthquake hor?

Screen Shot 2016-06-01 at 11.02.54 AM.png

Or.. it’s that thing that airlines sneakily add into your fare (then you have to remember to uncheck the box, if not your GOOD DEAL airfare of $80 suddenly becomes $150++ , because of travel insurance, upgrades, seat selection, meals, yada yada)

Screen Shot 2016-06-01 at 11.07.30 AM.png

and honestly, alot of people don’t buy travel insurance because we travel so often (#wanderlust #yolo #vacay) that we think – what are the odds of anything happening to us?  Even an extra $25 not worth it!

I travel quite a fair bit, especially short trips, so i totally feel your pain (go batam ferry ticket only $48 but travel insurance $20+ very expensive leh!) But recently I’ve been able to appreciate travel insurance a little better.

So here’s 5 reasons why you SHOULD buy travel insurance (and how to use it).

#5. In the case of an accident/illness overseas, you don’t have to worry over the bills.

Let’s be honest, we like to do #yolo stuff and try new things when we are on holiday.

Processed with VSCOcam with hb2 preset

Scooter Riding in Krabi


Mini Cliff Jumping in Boracay


Going to lengths for that nice photo in Taipei

Hiking trips, adventure thrills, new food experiences – these are part of what makes our travels memorable. But hey, chances of minor (or major) accidents and sicknesses like food poisoning are not improbable right?

Even if you are statistically swearing by the probabilities of you getting an injury/sickness being almost negligible (pull out statistics of your gender getting injury overseas X age group X activity X place you travel to X what clothes you wear X your favorite color….), you can’t predict accurately as well.

In my most recent trip, J got into a little accident on the road.


*insert sheepish look*

He ended up with a deep cut (to the tendon) in his finger and wounds all over his chest and arm. His first few questions to me was “Eh, can claim or not“.

After he knew that it was claimable, he was then comfortable to return to the clinic for the next few days to wash his wound, do an X-ray, and get more medicine. Even after returning to Singapore, he went to a clinic to check his wounds and get more medicine/dressing.

If it wasn’t claimable, he probably would be more worried about the costs.


Total bill $481

To be honest, he was never really bothered about getting travel insurance, so I would usually get it for both of us.

Moral of the story: Ladies, if you have a boyfriend/husband who is stubborn, and occasionally acts like a little boy (especially when presented with scooters/thrilling activities…) buy travel insurance for them. Better be safe than sorry.

How to claim?

  • keep all medical reports & original receipts
  • if due to an accident involving another party (eg car accident), try to file a police report in that country and keep a copy of the report with you for submission
  • download claim form from travel insurance website and fill in as required, submit reports, receipts as well as flight itinerary.

(Note: please always read the policy wording. If you are intending to rent a car overseas, you might have to pay a little more for the rider that covers damage to car in accident etc)

#4. Prevent yourself from feeling horribly shitty when your stuff gets stolen

It’s not uncommon for things to get lost or stolen during your travels – in some countries, it’s actually super common to get bags slit, wallets taken or slit. Especially nowadays many of us travel with cameras (for that perfect Instagrammable photo, of course), laptops and valuable items. Oh, and branded bao-baos (bags)

I had a *ahem*Coach*ahem* sling bag that I brought to Bangkok and someone had attempted to cut the strap (obviously not wear and tear since it quite a straight cut, and the other side is perfectly fine with no wear and tear at all). But since it wasn’t all the way, I didn’t notice it till after the trip, so by the time I did it was too late. serves me right loh


So that’s a reminder not to bring expensive stuff overseas and flaunt it, and always check your belongings!

How to claim:

  • File a police report at the place of loss/theft (you will need this report to claim)
  • Take pictures of the damaged item
  • Download claim form from website and fill in details of loss as well as prices of the item (If possible, submit the receipt/invoices of the item. If you don’t have that, go online and find the item price, and submit that to help with the filing)
  • Submit also the police report and flight itinerary!

#3. Flight/Baggage Delay? At least got $$$ 😀

Flight delays are crappy, especially flight delays which makes you miss connecting flights and all that annoying stuff. Sometimes the only thing to look forward to is.. claiming some money. 

This allowance can help make you a little more comfy, like – extending your hotel room for half a day, buying a meal (or 3), buying a little present for yourself or whatever, it’s up to you.

And if your baggage is delayed, the compensation will cover the necessary items you had to buy in the interim like..toothbrushes or undies.


Ok not exactly #baller but still..

Before you get too excited, there ARE limits on compensation – such as $100 for every 6 hours up to max of $500.

How to claim?

  • make sure you get a letter from the airline counter THERE acknowledging delayed flight/delayed baggage.
  • Use the claim form from the website and fill it up, submit the letter from the airline as well as the flight itinerary.

*Once I didn’t manage to get the airline letter, but because they sent me updates via email on my flight delay, I used it as evidence, as well as the new flight itinerary (It was so delayed until they changed my flight details!) – that worked!

#2. It can be your SUPERHERO against natural disasters

Can it stop natural disasters from happening, or keep you safe from a natural disaster? No lah, of course. But should a natural disaster occur at the place you are supposed to go, travel insurance will compensate you for cancellation of trip – reimbursing the $$ you have already spent (hotels, flight…) up to a certain limit.

This is also applicable to other reasons for trip cancellation such as serious injury/illness to you (so you are unable to travel) or your loved ones.

BUT!!!!!! You must have bought the travel insurance BEFORE the news of natural disaster has been known.


#1. It’s REALLY not that expensive. REALLY.

If it’s a short trip to nearby, it might cost around $20, and if it’s further or longer, it might be more expensive. BUT since you’ve paid quite a bit for your precious holiday, don’t be stingy on this ok? You never know when you might need it, and not everyone has the power of social media to go viral and make airlines compensate their luggage claims (see link below lol)

Also, theres so many freeaking discounts on travel insurance ALL THE TIME.


35% off, 20% off, everything off !

(My best buy was travel insurance to Europe, 50% off at that time 😀 )

But bear in mind, cheap doesn’t mean good! Airline add-on insurances may be cheaper, but they usually only cover for stuff that happens ON FLIGHT, means you are uncovered for the rest of your holiday.

If you are a true Singaporean and must compare, don’t just compare price. Compare all the coverages and get one you are comfortable with.

Still don’t want to buy travel insurance? Up to you! No judging here 😀

Still can’t find one? Drop me an email at and I’d love to send you some quotes for travel insurance (I’m certified and licensed to provide quotes from AXA, MSIG & Liberty). Perks of getting it from me vs directly online? Sorry, mostly no additional discount, but at least I’m here to help you with claims and questions anytime (:

Disclaimer: This blog post is meant to share my experiences with travel insurance and a rough guide to it, it represents only my opinion as an avid traveller & wanderluster! Please still read your plans carefully and their own instructions on how to claim.

Processed with VSCOcam with hb2 preset


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