Head to Toe Beauty Products You Need To Check Out ( + Discounts)

Kia ora! (This means hello in Maori, by the way) It’s been ages since I got down to writing a blog post – partly because I’ve been so busy settling down in New Zealand, but mostly because I’ve been too lazy hibernating in this cold.

Since I finally got my lazy ass down to writing a nice post, you know this is something worth reading about (unlike my new veggie garden which I’m so excited about, and my adventures of slug-hunting.. which I will spare you).


when I first planted my babies (now they are much bigger!!)


*Ahem* ANYWAY, the main purpose of this post was to share with y’all about some cool beauty products which I’ve been testing out from Lookfantastic’s beauty boxes.


They are SOOOO pretty!

To be honest, I’m not someone who keeps up-to-date with the latest beauty trends, just because I’m such a sucker for advertising and would totally spend all my money buying new products and not finishing them (because I’d get into buying new ones), so Lookfantastic was PERFECT for me!

They have subscription beauty boxes which cost $27 a month (a super good deal) with at least 6 branded products worth over $140!


just because.

The boxes even come with magazines as well as introductions to the products – super helpful. I love how it lets me explore new quality products without over-splurging and having to think too much. If you are a beauty-junkie, or a try-a-holic (like me) – this is definitely A MUST to check out!

If you are looking for specific products, their site is also a good place to check as they have such a huge variety of brands at very competitive prices… plus free international delivery – score!



To convince you further, here’s a few awesome products that I’ve tried through the beauty boxes and absolutely loved:


#1. Hair: Christophe Robin Cleansing Volumizing Paste


Photo credits: Christophe Robin

The Christophe Robin Cleansing Volumizing Paste with Pure Rassoul Clay and Rose Extracts promises to deep cleanse and boost the volume of your hair, letting you feel like you just walked out of a salon.

This is exactly what I needed because I’m guilty of bleaching my hair multiple times,  and I’m always conscious about it looking flat and lifeless.

The paste itself was really easy to use – after applying it on, it started to bubble a little while you were supposed to massage it into your scalp. To see if there was any effect, I blew dry my hair and HEYYYY it felt super good! My hair felt a lot lighter and bouncier and I was flipping it around just for fun. YAY to this!giphy-downsized.gif


#2. Face: Madara SOS Hydra Moisture + Radiance Mask


Skin SOS please!!

The product smelled reallllly good and was very easy to apply. You can choose to leave it in or wipe off after 20 minutes, so I chose to leave it in overnight as my skin was suffering from the cold weather and breaking out noticeably. I love how quickly it absorbs into the skin and I did notice the extra glow when I woke up! After a few days, my skin was feeling consistently more hydrated, so I’m definitely going to keep using this regularly. Definitely recommended for those who have dry skin or planning a travel adventure!


#3. Face: Glamglow Supermud Mask


This mask is well-known for a reason – IT’S SO GOOD. I’ve actually used this many times before, and although it’s pricey, it works. The mask draws out dirt and toxins (and you can actually see oil spots / dirt when the mask dries up ughh) and your skin just feels so darn good after. Totally worth the money guys!!

Tip: I’ve actually compared prices for this product, and LookFantastic has one of the lowest prices in addition to free international delivery.


#4. Face: Glov On-The-Go Hydro Cleanser

I’ve raved about this on IG because it was so shockingly good! It’s a microfiber cloth which removes makeup without needing any makeup remover. I’ve been using it for a few weeks now and I’m still really impressed by it. It’s reusable (just have to wash it with mild soap) and my skin feels quite clean after using it.

It’s perfect for people who travel often (total game-changer – no more worries about forgetting to pack your makeup remover!) and even for ladies who have lash extensions, as it really helps to clean around your eyes without having to get your lashes wet.



#5. Scrub Love – Hydrating Coconut Oil Body Scrub


I use this scrub for my body as well as my face and I love the way my skin feels glowy and clean after it, PLUS it smells so darn good. Thumbs up for a scrub which leaves you feeling all clean and hydrated after. If you aren’t using a scrub regularly, this is something you should definitely get into – you’ll thank me for it later! (free coffee welcomed, guys!)

Conclusion…and discounts!

Not sure if you need any more incentives to literally get started shopping but… use this code <HAYZGAL> to get 22% off site wide, and enjoy the HUGE discount off your favourite products! Have fun babes!

Shop here



Gorgeous Ash Hair Without The Damage!

Date visited: March 2018

Hair by: Chez Vous

To be honest, I’ve always wanted to try ashy hair but never had the guts to (what if I end up looking like an unglamorous grandma?). After all, trends do not suit every one, and I totally did not trust my own sense of style haha!

So when Chez Vous announced their new treatment #FakeAsh, I was super excited to try it out! Here’s what I love about it!


Getting The Right Colour

Before they start working their magic on your hair, they hold up colours to see how it frames your face and enhance your facial features. It’s amazing that certain colours (like blue, for me) brings out my dark eye-circles and make my face look a little sunken, while other colours make my skin glowy and nice! This is a really important step as wrong colours can bring out your flaws more, while suitable colours can even correct or mask certain flaws.

giphy (1).gif

fun! 😀

Even though I totally trust the experts with colour choices, I felt really assured that they took this step to explain which colours suit me. They shared with me honestly that I don’t really suit ashy colours, but still did their best to find a shade which would work (because I wasn’t ready to give up on my ash hair dreams lol).


So what’s different about #FakeAsh? Usually ash hair colours require a few rounds of pre-lightening & bleaching, which could be quite damaging to your hair, especially if you are like me and highlight your hair often. #FakeAsh however, uses only one round of pre-lightening and combines a few tones of hair colours to achieve the shade you want.

This means that you have to take extra care of your hair colour (e.g. using colour depositing shampoo, blow-drying your hair) to ensure that the shade stays on as long as possible, as the ashy colours do fade fast.


I love it! It was my very first time getting this hair tone and I was super super happy! I’d gotten lots of compliments too *insert modest look*.


Straight after it’s done!


Couldn’t resist some selfies

Check out my short vlog below:


What do you think? Which ash colour would you love to try? Don’t forget to like and share 😀

Kowayo Aesthetics: I lost 5cm in 6 sessions!

Date of treatments: March 2018 (6 sessions over 3 weeks)

It’s no secret that my 2018 resolution is to get back on track with fitness (and of course, no secret that I’m not doing particularly well) so I jumped at the chance to restart my engine once more with Kowayo Aesthetics.


who can relate?


Like almost all of you guys, I’m quite skeptical when it comes to miracle slimming treatments – if these work, then why do people still need to work out and eat healthy right? The whole world would be slim! So don’t continue reading this post thinking that I’m sharing some miracle treatment that lets you lose 10kg in a month – trust me, if that’s out there, it’s definitely not safe.


EnCurve Treatment – What’s it all about?


This treatment uses a high-tech medical-grade machine to reduce fat cells permanently through apoptosis-inducing (programmed cell death) radio-frequency. The energy actually penetrates deeply into the fat tissue to cause it to denature and break apart. The fat cells are then supposed to be able to leave your body naturally (so you are encouraged to drink lots of water!).

How comfortable were the treatments?

JPEG image-A671A0CCF960-1.jpeg

I have a low tolerance for pain or extreme heat (I really hate being put in a heat blanket to sweat it out) so trust me when I say it was very comfortable. The machine is put above the area that you are targeting, so there is no contact at all. The area might be slightly warm, but that’s it. In fact, I use each 30-minute session to catch up on my sleep.

Did I do any thing special to help the treatments?

Although I tried to kickstart my fitness journey using this as a motivation, I wouldn’t say I changed my lifestyle totally to warrant a huge impact on the results. I managed to gym twice a week for the first 2 weeks (the last week I totally bailed on exercise since life was totally crazy *cough*excuses*cough*) but I attended media tastings and ate as normal. I did try to increase my intake of water as recommended though!

Did it really work?

JPEG image-A671A0CCF960-2.jpeg

I am actually quite surprised at the results, to be honest. I expected some disappointment (from myself and the staff) but I lost 2.5cm on my upper tummy AND 2.5cm on my lower tummy.

Thank goodness they didn’t weigh me (that always stresses me out), so I get to be a little pleased at the results.

Most importantly, I felt a little more confident about my body and it gave me an extra boost!

Should you try it?

That’s totally up for you to decide, but why not? Especially if a big event is coming up, or if you’d like something to motivate yourself like me! For great results, I recommend pairing it with exercise and a healthy diet (because they are still important) and loads of water.

For more information on the EnCurve treatment, you can check out their site here. They also have a 1-for-1 trial treatment, you can call 6884 4297 for more enquiries.



A huge thank you to GotIdeas PR & Kowayo Aesthetics for the opportunity to try this out!

My Destination Wedding: Bali (Vendors & Tips!)

Wedding: September 2017

Starting Budget: SGD $20,000
Ending Budget: approx. $27,000 (incl. accommodations for guests, our own flight tickets and extension at the wedding villa)


As most of you may know, I have just recently held the wedding of my dreams in the Island of the Gods – Bali. Looking back, it was the most amazing night of my life so far, and everything turned out like a fairy-tale. I’ve decided to finally get down to sharing contacts, vendors & tips (sorry it took so long… i got lazy haha).



Having a destination wedding is the perfect reason to keep it small, and the closest of the closest who REALLY WANT TO BE THERE will fly overseas to be there. People also wouldn’t be offended if we didn’t invite them. yasssss!

Location-wise, Bali is only a couple of hours away and quite affordable to fly to. It also has a wide variety of affordable villas and hotels away from the main touristy areas. Plus, who wouldn’t mind an excuse to take a short vacay in Bali?

tenor (1).gif

Having a Wedding Planner

Before looking for wedding venues and all that jazz, it was essential for us to find the right wedding planner. Let’s face it, it’s not impossible to pull off the entire wedding on your own but having a local wedding planner would be able to bring costs down a little (as they have local contacts), save you tons of stress (non-stop skype calls, emails and flights) and let you enjoy the process a little more. Having a good wedding planner was ESSENTIAL to this whole event.

My wedding planner Amor (Amor Eternal Weddings) was referred by my husband’s colleague so we were assured with her experience and portfolio. From venue searching, decor to catering – she took care of it all extremely well. In addition, she provided unlimited calls/emails before the wedding and a team of coordinators for the actual day. For couples thinking of a destination wedding – I’d suggest to focus on a good wedding planner first. It’s worth every single penny.

For those who are interested, you can contact here via email. (Don’t forget to say hi for me!)


#1. Venue Hunting

With a smaller budget, we skipped over hotels (although the hotels are gorgeous) as the dreamy ones were way too costly. We decided to go for a villa in a quieter area so that everything could be more intimate, customised and we could even book the whole villa for 4-5 days to relax and enjoy after. Trust me, you are gonna need that time to relax.

We viewed 3-4 villas (as well as hotels nearby for the guests) and fortunately, found the one that we liked. Only then did we place deposits to confirm the wedding planner AND the venue. Yay!


Literally my dream come true.


Gorgeous set up for dinner!

#2. Moodboards and references

With 6-7 months to go, the planning process began with moodboards. I used Pinterest to look for references, from colour schemes to decorations I liked. It was then a back and forth process with Amor to talk about what was possible (within budget) and what was not.

#3. Confirmations

3 months before the wedding, we made another trip to confirm vendors and caterers. We met with the shortlisted caterers for a tasting (with a fee, of course) to decide which caterer to book, and which items to have on the menu. This was probably the trip with most negotiations and decision-makings – not to mention deposits.br0ke.gif

#4. Saving Money

With a limited budget, we had to get handy and do what we can to save. We ended up designing our own invitations, getting them printed in JB (T&T Printing @ Citysquare Mall) and DIY-ing our own invite folder with paper bought from Fancy Papers. Luckily I had talented friends and a decent score in Art.. lol!GUN_7396.jpg

Even for the wedding gifts, we decided to do customised sunglasses (Alibaba) and dreamcatchers (Bali) – buying the paper bag, stickers and stuffing separately.

For alcohol, instead of purchasing the package from the caterers (who were charging $60/pax for house wines & beer), we decided to purchase them externally from their local brand Hatten Wines which were good (and less than $20 a bottle), and of course, many crates of Bintang beer & Radler.

We also bought quite a number of items from Taobao/Ezbuy to save costs – which you can check out in my previous blogpost here.


#1. Wedding Planner (Bali) – Amor Eternal Wedding

As mentioned above, our wedding planner sourced for everything (caterers, cake, décor) and put everything together, giving us the peace of mind to fully enjoy our big day. There was not an ounce of stress and to me on my big day, that’s the best I could have wished for!

#2. Pre-Wedding Photography (Bali) – FIRE, WOOD & EARTH

I found Andre (@firewoodandearth) on Instagram, loving his style of photography and vibes. Even though his rates are not the lowest in the local market, but I believe that the quality of work is worth it. He specialises in capturing candid, raw moments beautifully, instead of posed studio shots. Here are some shots below.

#3.Wedding Gowns (Singapore) – Bqueens

One of the most important decisions I made! Bqueens allowed me the flexibility to rent a total of 3 gowns for both my pre-wedding photoshoot and actual day wedding, both held overseas. The package included grooms suit, father’s suit as well as a dress for my sister-in-law. Unlike other places which limit the gowns you can pick to bring overseas, I was given the freedom to choose any I liked (and even to choose again when new gowns came in)!

Valent was super nice and helpful, and made the whole experience very delightful!


My midnight blue gown


Gorgeous white lace ball gown

#4. Actual Day Photography & Videography (Bali) – Sal Photography & Maxtu Photography

Our photographers and videographers for the day were very talented and friendly. They put in the extra effort to make us feel at ease. In terms of output, both delivered above expectation. Sal Photography gave us a ton of edited photos to choose from (so much so that we were spoilt for choice on which to upload and print) and Maxtu gave us both a highlight video (which even made us a little teary while watching it) and a long compilation video of whatever that went on during the day (this we didn’t really ask for, but it was a nice bonus).

Here’s some photos below & you can find the link to the video on Facebook here.

#5. Makeup Artist (Bali) – @jl_makeupart

I found Jen on Instagram (as well as with a recommendation by the pre-wedding photographer) and used her for both the pre-wedding photoshoot AND the actual day.

Her rates are highly competitive and her skills are great. During the pre-wedding photoshoot, she followed us throughout and went above and beyond to make sure I look my best, from consistently touching up my makeup to helping me change my gowns. I was so happy with her service that I decided to engage her (and a team) for my actual day wedding!


#6. Other vendors

Here are a few other vendors we used as well – hopefully these help!
*Gorgeous bridal nails (SG): 3D Nails 


Gorgeous acrylic extensions with blings to match my dresses!


*Customised Aisle Runner (SG): @nehohmee (on Instagram) / website

She does wonderful customised calligraphy works – perfect for many wedding items!


so chio right?


*Customised shoes for J (SG): Custom Made SG


*Tailored Suits for J (Thailand): Jesse & Son 


Tailored suits & shirts (with our initials on them hehe)

So that’s it for today – here’s all the contacts I can think of! If there are any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me via email or leave a comment, and I’ll do my best! If you like this post, remember to share and spread the word!

May your dream wedding come true ❤


5 Things I’ve Learnt from an Ex-Best Friend.

So even though this is super different from my usual posts (which are full of pictures, memes and funny gifs – so you should definitely read them ha), I felt the need to write about it at some point of time as a step towards letting go. I’m also hoping that if anyone reads this, it might be relatable and possibly even reassuring in some way.

Like everyone else, I’ve experienced being hurt by someone close. Last year, I had an encounter with a close friend of mine which left me deeply hurt. I felt used, manipulated and very angry. Was it me? Was I imagining things? Despite these thoughts haunting me, I chose not to confront.  I was afraid of confrontation and escalation, and feared damaging more friendships.

A year later, and hopefully wiser, these are some things I’ve learnt.

Don’t count on Closure

Everyone uses “closure” as the ideal way of wrapping up things. But more often than not, this never happens. As humans, we justify our actions in every way possible. For most people, it’s not easy to look through someone else’s perspective of yourself – especially if it doesn’t portray yourself as a good person. Perhaps ten years down the road when all the emotions have faded, two people can sit down objectively to discuss about what happened. Then again, maybe not, so don’t count on it being the “only solution” to feeling better.

Don’t pull others into your fight

Why didn’t so and so stand up for me? Why didn’t someone take my side? These are thoughts that went through my head as it was all going on. It’s probably natural human psychology to want to feel accepted and supported. However, as shitty as this sounds, it’s just not their fight.

Don’t pull friends or family into it, and make them choose sides or fight with you. More feelings are going to be hurt, and you will be responsible for it. Yes, you might feel alone now, but don’t be selfish and put all your other relationships on the line by asking them to choose.

You’re not a bad person for not wishing them well

Even though some time has passed, it’s perfectly normal that you aren’t going to want to hear about how fabulously that person is doing – be it your ex moving on with someone better, or that friend doing oh-so-well somewhere. That’s okay, you’re not an evil person.

Healing takes time, so don’t fight with yourself. Instead, try to refocus that energy on improving yourself and making you proud.

Take whatever baby steps you need

Time won’t magically heal all wounds and make it sparkly again, so it’s up to you to take baby steps to empower yourself. If you feel like cutting off all points of contact or blocking someone on social media is going to help you feel better, then do it. Just be sure that you are not doing it out of maliciousness or impulse.

If you ask “What’s the point? Will he or she even care?”, you’re doing it for the wrong intentions. It shouldn’t matter whether he or she cares, or if it even impacts that person. You aren’t doing it to prove a point – you are doing it to help yourself heal and gain back a little control of your feelings.

It’s okay to not be okay

Chances are, you aren’t going to be okay for a long time. Life goes on as usual, and suddenly the emotions hit you all over again. That’s just how it’s going to be, and you have to learn to be okay about not feeling okay.

Accept your feelings as an opportunity to prove how far you’ve come and talk about it if you need to. Remember that you’re not alone – everyone around you has felt this way at some point of time, or they might even be going through their own personal struggle at the moment. So be kind and sensitive, to yourself and others.

When you talk about it over time, you’ll feel that it carries lesser pain than the previous time, and one day it’ll be bearable. This too shall pass.

15% OFF Sudio Tre for your #2018 Fitness Resolutions

Happy 2018 to everyone! Although I’m still super jetlagged from my recent 3-week trip to Europe, I decided to do up a quick post because… there’s a good deal to share!


One of my 2018 resolutions (yes, don’t roll your eyes, we are going through the same sh*t every year) is to get fitter, or fit-ish again. Because I’ve been so blessed in 2017 with great food, great foodie friends and a lovely hubby to eat with, it was inevitable that I indulged a little too much. Plus, I got lazy.


So yeah, this getting fit-ish goal of mine entails me trying to whip some discipline back into my life too! But let’s not digress from the main star of this post – SUDIO!

I’ve previously done a post on Sudio’s Vasa Bla Wireless earphones, which are oh-so sleek and gorgeous (and which still accompanies me wherever I go). You can click here to read more about it.

Since it is the start of a new year, and tons of people (like me) probably have a fitness resolution in mind, Sudio released a gorgeous pair of TRE earphones – their first wireless earphones designed for an active lifestyle!

Here’s my thoughts on them after trying it out!


Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

so chio right?


It looks very similar to the Vasa Bla – equally sleek, minimalistic and sooo grammable. I don’t think there’s anyone who can actually dislike it. I got the colour combination of white and rose gold again, just because I’m totally obsessed, lol! But for variety sake, it also comes in black, classic blue and pink!

The biggest difference in looks is actually its wing tips, which is there to ensure a perfect fit during sports, or when you are running about.



Testing it out at the gym too!


Battery Life / Designed for active wear, the TRE sure doesn’t disappoint! Their battery life is improved to 9 hours active use (and 10 days on standby), and is supposed to take only 10 minutes for a quick charge, and 120 minutes for a full charge. So you know, when you finally decide to drag your arse out for a workout, low battery on your earphones will not be an excuse you use to skip it.


I did test out the quick charge by plugging it in to my portable charger for about 10 minutes before bringing it out for a 2 hour workout session – and it worked great!

Wing Tips / They send you 3 different-sized wing tips so you can pick your perfect fit, and even when I tried bouncing my head ridiculously during my run, it still fit snuggly. Plus points!

Finishing / It’s also sweat and water resistant with a matte finishing – everything you need when you are trying to shed those calories.

Overall, mega plus points in functionality for workout use!


For those looking for some specs, apparently it has Bluetooth aptX for better sound quality in this series as well!

  • Type: 15,2 mm dynamic speaker
  • Sensitivity: 103 ± 3dB SPL @ 1 kHz 178mV
  • Impedance: 32 Ohm ± 15% @ 1kHz
  • Frequency Response: 20 Hz – 20 kHz



The TRE series come at an affordable price of $139 on their website, which is super reasonable for its improved functions AND design.


I know, I know

And hold up, there’s extra goodies! Other than free international shipping, Sudio is giving a complimentary armband for every TRE purchase in January, just so you can really step up your fitness game.

PLUS, use my code <evannsee> for 15% OFF so you only have to spend about $118 instead! Whoo!

15% discount + free international shipping + free armband = WHUUUT. 


Happy shopping guys!


5 Taobao Links Every Budget Bride Should Know!

Wedding Date: September 2017


So I’ve just “graduated” from a successful wedding of my dreams in Bali, 16 September 2017 and I thought it would be nice to share some of my budget purchases. This blog post is NOT SPONSORED in any way (I wish though, Ezbuy or Taobao, sponsor me ya?)


I was lucky enough to have a wedding planner based in Bali to settle all my logistics including decoration (more on the actual wedding planning process next time, for brides-to-be interested in holding a destination wedding), but there were still TONS on my end to do, and buy.

 Literally, it was never-ending. Although I wished I could say that budget was not a concern and splurge on Jimmy Choo shoes, diamonds and gorgeous things, I was also (a little) practical and didn’t have the unlimited credit limit to spend on things I would only use once. LUCKILY, there is Taobao & Ezbuy!

So here’s 5 links that I hope you’ll find as useful as I did.

#1. Shoes

Every bride needs beautiful shoes to complete the look (even though the gown covers the heels most of the time), especially since most wedding photographers do take photos of the shoes with your bridal gown.

However, wedding shoes in Singapore are quite expensive. When I was searching on websites for shoes, I saw many costing over $100- $200. Yes, I know it’s important to get quality shoes for your special day, but I couldn’t come to terms with spending over $200 for a pair of shoes I’d most likely use once (and then try to sell off heh).

I found a gorgeous pair on taobao which looked AMAZING, matched my dress, and cost only $30! So I decided to take the plunge and buy it, even though I was worried that it might not fit OR look completely different from the picture. Guess what? It was my star buy.


It fit like a glove AND looked like the picture. Best of all, it was padded well so that it was comfortable enough for the whole night. Obviously with heels that high it was going to make my feet sore, but nothing was cutting into my heel/feet and I lasted the whole night without being in pain. The seller also sent over extra bling to stick on just in case any falls off. 10/10 ladies.

Tip: Buy gel insoles just in case you are worried – I didn’t need mine though.

Shoes TB Link ($30) : here
Gel insoles TB Link: here

#2. Tiara

I wanted to complete my look with a tiara (because when else am I going to get a chance to wear one?) so I shopped online and sieved through so many options till I finally settled on one that looked really pretty but was still subtle and elegant. Super pleased when it arrived because all the bling was still intact, and it was not flimsy at all. Plus, it costs under $10!


IMG_0487.JPGIt’s pinned on with bobby pins (so please do get some) and looked super good!

Tiara Link ($8.70) : here
Other designs from the same seller: here
Currently it’s sold out, but here’s another link with pretty designs and good reviews

#3. Shapewear

Being in a tight bridal gown has its pressure, and I sure didn’t want my tummy to be bulging out on my wedding day – so I started looking around for shapewear!


There are tons of sellers selling different sorts of shapewear, so it’s really up to you which kind you prefer, as well as how your gown is like. Eg if you have a bareback gown, you shouldn’t be getting the kind that covers your waist & back.


Still no idea what the chinese words say tbh. haha!

Although this seller was slightly more expensive than the others, it had quite good reviews. The shapewear was made of a thicker material (while still allowing you to breathe, which is so important) and was of a good quality. Thumbs up!!
Shapewear Link ($15) : here

#4. Bridal Sticky Bra

I’m sure every girl has sticky bras, but do you have a bridal sticky bra? I must admit that this was probably out of vanity and not a necessity, because who is gonna see your bra anyway? Of course I’m talking about the guests, not your husband, duh.


This sticky bra caught my eye, because it was all bridal looking and fancy. Don’t you think so?

Quality-wise, it was sticky (but not painful to remove) and very satisfactory. Since the wedding I’ve never worn it again, so I’m not too sure how long it will stay sticky for. Still worth it to feel like a bride from head-to-toe! #excusestospend
Bridal Sticky Bra Link ($15.68) : here

#5. Cute Bows/Suspenders for the Groomsmen

I wanted the boys to look cute for the gatecrash and daytime activities, so I decided to set the dress code as bowties and suspenders for the brothers. Since I had 6 of them, there was no other option than to source one from Taobao so I could limit my spending.


Don’t they look super cute?

These were what I found and they worked very well! I even found a different variation for my husband, so he could stand out as the cute groom 😀

Groomsmen Suspenders Link ($3.80) : here
Bow-ties Link ($1.77) : here
Groom Suspenders Link ($4.05): here

#6. Wooden Hangers (Bonus)

For that money shot of your gown, you might want to look at wooden hangers and even customize them too! I found wooden hangers online for my bridesmaids and myself, and I customized them using heat embossing (there’s many online Youtube tutorials for that).


Wooden Hangers Link ($6.32 for 10 hangers) : here
Heat Embossing Tools Links : Pen & Powder (1 / 2)
*I bought the heat gun off Carousell.

So that’s some of my satisfied budget purchases from Taobao for my big day! I have done a previous post on Taobao links that I bought from for my ROM celebrations a year ago here : you can find links to my dress & decorations!

I will be doing more posts on my planning process and my non-Taobao purchases, so stay tuned! For all brides-to-be, I wish you an amazing wedding celebration and a happy marriage ❤ Remember to savour every single moment of your special day!


Evannsee x Sudio Sweden | 15% + 20% off!


Sudio VASA BLA + Tote

Ever since I got my IPhone 7+ (without its precious audio jack), I’ve stopped listening to music on the go, which was something I did on a daily basis, and a LIFESAVER on longer journeys and flights.





It became just too complicated for me – buying the audio adapter, losing the audio adapter (haha!), not being able to charge while listening using the audio adapter…. You get what I mean. So I can’t tell you how excited I was to be able to try out the VASA BLA wireless earphones from Sudio.

Here’s my non-technical thoughts on them (sorry techies!)



First thought – whoa. It literally made my girly heart melt into a puddle. Flat-wired (no more tangles), sleek af and that colour combination of white and rose gold had the basic-b**** in me screaming. It also comes with  a leather pouch to match!


Chill vibes for my wedding prep!

If you are not into white and rose gold (why wouldn’t you be?), there are other colours available too – blue, black and pink.

The minimalistic design gives it a class on it own, and the metallic rose gold touches are very lux. No matter what your style is, I don’t think you’ll find a problem with these. Plus, they are perfect for Instagram photos, just saying.




For those who are curious, these are the specs:

  • Type: 10,2 mm Dynamic Speaker
  • Sensitivity: 112 dB SPL @ 1 kHz
  • Impedance: 32 Ohm @ 1kHz
  • Frequency Response: 18 Hz – 23 kHz

On their website, they also promise a carefully tuned driver and amplifier – which “separates the sound of each instruments in every song – delivering a true studio experience”

Although they obviously not heavy-duty noise cancelling earphones – (those will cost you A BOMB), I have to say these are pretty good. Without having to blast music, they block out noise around me when I go about daily errands. That keeps me from getting distracted or annoyed at things going on around me!


I am super impressed with the distinct sound quality (and so are some of my nitpicky friends, when I let them test it out), especially with songs which have more bass.


Most importantly, their battery is supposed to last 8 full hours (and 10 days on standby). Although I did not use it for 8 full hours non-stop, I used it on a daily basis and I could go about 3 – 4 days before needing a charge. Plus, it charges with a micro-usb so you can plug it into your powerbank for emergency charging. Brownie points!

At 14g, it’s super light and convenient to carry around. I even stash it into my pockets when I’m on the go and it doesn’t look bulky at all.

Lastly, it comes with a metal clip (rose gold too yas!) in case you’d like to clip it to your clothes. This is actually quite handy for me, especially if I’m lazy to take it off and keep between usage during a day. I also don’t have to worry about losing it if it’s clipped on to me – another plus point!


The VASA BLA retails at SGD $165 on their website, which is a fair price for the quality you are getting.

But waitttt – we Singaporeans love discounts and deals don’t we? 😀


Literally me, all the time

Use the discount code <evannsee> upon checkout to receive 15% off PLUS 20% Tax Rebate – bringing the total damage down to $112.2! WHUTTT!

PLUS!! It comes with free DHL express shipping and a FREE chic tote (while promos last) so you literally get your goodies in a few days.


Happy Shopping!


CulinaryOn: Your Next Couple Bonding / Team Bonding Activity in SG!


Forget testing your relationship with another Ikea Project – CulinaryOn’s Cooking Academy is the next date idea which will teach you both life skills AND teamwork skills. Lucky for me, (and unlucky for J) we got to experience an awesome session with the CulinaryOn team learning how to cook various fancy dishes with cheese!


Ever since moving in together, I’ve taken cooking more seriously. After all, it is a way of making sure my man is well-fed, content and still healthy (omg, i feel so domesticated now). That means lesser nights of one-pot pasta with sausages as the main ingredient and more attempts at 三菜一汤 (3 veg 1 soup). Once in a while the rice ends up undercooked and crunchy and the sambal veggies a tad too salty, but overall it’s been a great experience. So when we had the opportunity to attend a class at CulinaryOn, I did not hesitate at all! Experimenting at home in the kitchen is one thing, but learning technical skills from experienced chefs (not just YouTube chefs) is definitely not to be missed! Here’s why you should definitely check it out:


Maybe I should get some cute aprons for my home…yes?



CulinaryOn prides itself on the whole experience, including the environment and equipment. I was super impressed with all the equipment they had! Each “station” had an induction stove, drawers with all the tools we needed as well as a legit mixer. As each station had only 4 people, all of us had plenty of opportunities to be hands-on and complete the tasks while still having fun.


My station!!

The spacious studio also had a central area with large stoves, ovens and basins to wash your hands clean! The place was comfortable and well air-conditioned (so it never got too hot) – perfect for classes and corporate events. Thumbs up to not sweating in front of your date!!


Chefs & Crew

Chef Carmen (the main chef) was awesome! She was funny, engaging and super thorough. Even though there are a few stations working at the same time, she and her team constantly came around to check (if our risotto was cooking well) and explain to us more about the techniques.


Pretty Chef Carmen 😀

The staff were super efficient at helping us clear away used bowls, ensuring that our tables were clean and safe at all times. They also encouraged us to mingle and engage with each other, resulting in a really fun workshop.


Our Risotto in progress


Learning Experience

What I loved the most was how much I learnt during the workshop. We made Risotto from scratch, which became Sicilian Arancini (we rolled the risotto into balls what were deep fried – YUM), Pizza Quattro Formaggi (pizza topped with 4 cheeses) and Chocolate Cake with Mango & Ricotta!

These are things that I would not attempt at home, just because of how difficult it sounds (and how long it takes haha). But I was amazed at how we managed to cook risotto and even make pizza dough from scratch! At the same time, it was not too technical or stressful – the team made our lives simpler by providing us ingredients which are already measured out and did the heavy-duty steps like deep-frying and baking the pizza in the oven.


Our Arancini balls ready to be fried



Haha guess which pizza is mine and which is J’s


Am i Cheese-Bae yet?

By the end of the class, we were all hungry af, and couldn’t wait to dig in into our creations! Trust me, the food tastes so much better because of the hard work we put in. Just look at the finished products!


Sicilian Arancini


Pizza Quattro Formaggio


Chocolate Cake with Mango & Ricotta!


Conclusion: 4 words – Check it out today!

At the end of the day, it was a super meaningful experience for both J and I to work together and learn together. Even though he made an ugly pizza, I was really proud of him for being willing to learn and try new things. lol! Through this experience, he also acknowledged my hard work in cooking dinner for him (awwwwww).

For couples looking for a meaningful date activity, or colleagues looking for a fun team bonding timethis is definitely the place to visit. Your stomachs will also surely not be disappointed!

P.S. You also get certificates after 😀



Check out their classes and book here 


Hope you enjoyed this post, spread the love and share please!! 😀



Hotels.com discounts, cashback and travel deals galore at ShopBack!

Ever since I’ve gotten a place of my own, money has been flowing out like water on renovation, appliances, furniture and cute things I probably don’t need but may look amazing in the house. Sounds familiar? Lol! This is probably why I’ve been trying my hardest to find cheaper alternatives, and save more.


This means going to the wet market for groceries, comparing prices before I buy things and asking “Do I REALLY need that?”. Omg, adulting is TOUGH.

So anyway, recently I’ve tried out and learnt the joys of Shopback. Even though I’ve heard about it from way back, I never got around to trying it out because I thought it would be too complicated. But now that I have – there’s no turning back! Let me tell you more.

How it works


Landing Page

Basically, Shopback gives you cashback when you shop THROUGH them. So all you have to do is to head over to their website, find the merchant you want to buy from and click on it. You will be redirected to the merchant’s website and when you make your purchase, you will get cashback!


Practically me – every part of the month

Travelholics – REJOICE!

If you are a travel-holic (on a budget) like me, this is definitely one platform to get familiar with. I usually book my hotels from Hotels.com to get the rewards and better prices. This time, I tried using Shopback too!


This means, in addition to my rewards on Hotels.com, Shopback gives me 6% cashback! And sometimes there is even Hotels.com promo codes for me to use. Free discount why not take right?

Did it work? Yes it did!


I did it! Yessss

After I made my booking (one night’s stay in Bali), it took a few days before the pending cashback showed up! It’ll only be redeemable after you complete your travels.

Not bad right? They also have attractive cashback for popular travel sites like Booking.com, Expedia, Jetstar and more.In addition to that, they have cashback promos every now and then here, with special increased cashback rates for a certain period of time! So make sure to look out for those.

Click here for the latest travel deals.

Shopaholic? That’s cool too!

If you look at the screenshot above again, you’d realized I decided to shop too. Since I was looking for a birthday present for a girlfriend, I decided to use Shopback too. 5% cashback – why not (:

They have cool cashback deals for Lazada, Asos and Shopee, and if buying your groceries online are your thing, they have cashback for Honestbee too!


Now that I’ve used it, I must admit it’s pretty idiot-proof and simple. If clicking a couple more times will save me 5%, I’d do it – wouldn’t you? Try it for yourself and tell me which are your favourite merchants on Shopback!!