Weekend Getaway in Waiheke: The best spot do absolutely nothing


As you will soon see, I was pretty obsessed with this tub lol!

Date visited: July 2018

After 3 months of being in New Zealand, we finally got around to visiting Waiheke Island for a weekend getaway. Since Waiheke Island is only a 40 minute ferry ride away, I have basically no excuse as to why it took us this long to check it out… we’ve just been so incredibly busy doing adult stuff (and watching my plants grow.. but that’s beside the point).

Fun Fact: I’ve started harvesting spinach and lettuce from my garden to EAT! Yum!!

Fun Fact 2: I’ve caught over 10 slugs last week… ugh.

Back to the main topic, I really wanted to escape the city life for a couple of days and soak in some nature without travelling too far, so Waiheke was the perfect choice. Despite crazy rain on the last day, we had a gorgeous time surrounded in nature. The biggest highlight for me definitely was the accommodation (which I did spend some time doing my research on), so here’s a quick post about it!



Woodside Bay Chalet (link)


The chalet

About the space

Woodside Bay Chalet is a great mix between luxury and homeliness. It has all the functionalities you need (a kitchen with pots, pans, cutleries, good heating, outdoor seating, Wi-Fi…) with a touch of luxury – fluffy towels, premium toiletries, sauna AND an outdoor bath (more on that later).


I’m a sucker for pretty packaging


Living area & mini-kitchen!

I loved how Scandinavian and instagrammable it looked, and especially loved those big windows that allow you to fully appreciate the view.


Perfect view to lie in bed with

As it was tucked all the way in the corner of the island, it was secluded in nature, and very peaceful. Although we did wish for more access to supermarkets and cafes, I wouldn’t have traded that peace and serenity for it. It was almost as if we have the whole part of the island to ourselves!


Photo Credits: Expedia


Getting There

Since we didn’t drive, we got a cab outside the ferry terminal to drive us right to Woodside Bay Chalet. The driver even kindly stopped halfway for us to grab some groceries (hurrah for sinful snacks!).


Pretty much accurate


It cost us a hefty $50 for the 40-minute ride, but that shouldn’t be too far from the standard rate. If you are an experienced driver, you can rent a car from the hosts at $99/day – that’ll be quite handy to drive around the area and explore Waiheke. The hosts will share a detailed transport route to take, so you won’t have to worry about getting lost.

Side note: beware of the cabs, some might actually charge on a more expensive meter. The cab we took on the way back was Waicabs ( 0800 924 222), which turned out to be a good rate AND the drivers were very friendly.


Around the area – What to do

Being so deep in nature, the chalets are quite far from bars, restaurants and the rest of Waiheke unless you’ve rented a car to drive around. We really made the most of it by just enjoying our surroundings and the chalet amenities (plus the free coffee and tea it came with – score!)


There are nice trekking paths all around (we even saw loads of sheep and cows!) and gorgeous views at every corner. Trust me, the scenery is worth walking for!

We also spent heaps of time relaxing in the outdoor bath and around the chalet, and only ate “out” on our last day.


And took loads of photos for the ‘gram too


The Tub

Since it was literally my highlight (of this highlight trip lol), I’ve dedicated one whole paragraph to this.. because – do you not even see how awesome this is??


This outdoor bath is situated in a cabana to be shared by the chalets, and even though I was bummed that it was not private, it honestly did not bother me since there were only a couple of chalets there. There’s a lock from the inside so you won’t have to worry about someone else barging in.



The little hut faces the majestic view so you can soak in your favourite bubble bath while enjoying beautiful nature. Since no one is out there, it’s perfectly fine to go nude. I preferred to wear a bikini… but that’s entirely up to you – no one’s judging!

Plus point: You’re also pretty much sheltered from the rain, unless the winds are incredible strong. Tried and tested.



I soaked in it so long that I became a prune, but it was totally worth it. 



So the big question – how much did this cost?? Just under $200/night!

There were many other accommodations to choose from (cheaper and more expensive options) but I feel that this was so worth its price, especially since I spent so much time in it. The privacy and peace of its location, the little luxuries and comfort… and that outdoor bath and sauna. It was just perfect for a weekend getaway to recharge!

Tip: Check out the listings on all the different platforms just to make sure you’ve got the best deal – I got this price on Hotels.com, after checking it out on HolidayHomes , Bookabach and more.

If you’re looking for a romantic getaway, or just a break from the city – imagine sitting in that tub (with lovely smelling bubble bath) underneath the gorgeous stars or even during sunset! Doesn’t that just sound amazing?


Breakfast by the view!

Hope this inspired you for your next Waiheke getaway – have fun!

Hotels.com link: here

Direct website link: here