Gorgeous Ash Hair Without The Damage!

Date visited: March 2018

Hair by: Chez Vous

To be honest, I’ve always wanted to try ashy hair but never had the guts to (what if I end up looking like an unglamorous grandma?). After all, trends do not suit every one, and I totally did not trust my own sense of style haha!

So when Chez Vous announced their new treatment #FakeAsh, I was super excited to try it out! Here’s what I love about it!


Getting The Right Colour

Before they start working their magic on your hair, they hold up colours to see how it frames your face and enhance your facial features. It’s amazing that certain colours (like blue, for me) brings out my dark eye-circles and make my face look a little sunken, while other colours make my skin glowy and nice! This is a really important step as wrong colours can bring out your flaws more, while suitable colours can even correct or mask certain flaws.

giphy (1).gif

fun! 😀

Even though I totally trust the experts with colour choices, I felt really assured that they took this step to explain which colours suit me. They shared with me honestly that I don’t really suit ashy colours, but still did their best to find a shade which would work (because I wasn’t ready to give up on my ash hair dreams lol).


So what’s different about #FakeAsh? Usually ash hair colours require a few rounds of pre-lightening & bleaching, which could be quite damaging to your hair, especially if you are like me and highlight your hair often. #FakeAsh however, uses only one round of pre-lightening and combines a few tones of hair colours to achieve the shade you want.

This means that you have to take extra care of your hair colour (e.g. using colour depositing shampoo, blow-drying your hair) to ensure that the shade stays on as long as possible, as the ashy colours do fade fast.


I love it! It was my very first time getting this hair tone and I was super super happy! I’d gotten lots of compliments too *insert modest look*.


Straight after it’s done!


Couldn’t resist some selfies

Check out my short vlog below:


What do you think? Which ash colour would you love to try? Don’t forget to like and share 😀


1-for-1 Omakase – Best deal in Singapore!

Restaurant: Maru,  Icon Village, 12 Gopeng St #01-05 to 11, Singapore 078877

Date visited: April 2018

Omakase is usually reserved for special dates or events, because although they can be really mind-blowing, but they are usually pricey and served in small portions. I mean, they say that good things come in small packages right?


Imagine how mind-blown we were when we tried this Chef’s Table menu which was delicious AND on a 1-for-1 deal? WHATTT! Okay, enough talk – here’s more about the menu (and plenty of pictures for you to drool over).

 Omakase Set Menu (1-for-1 @ $78++)

*with complimentary 250ml of cold Sake

3 Kinds of Appetizer

Fresh Oyster with Smoked Tomato Sherbet

5 Kinds of Assorted Sashimi

Grilled Seasonal Item

2 Kinds of Raw Sushi

2 Kinds of Aburi Sushi

Soup of the Day


JPEG image-CD6B3DCDE900-13.jpeg


JPEG image-CD6B3DCDE900-12.jpeg

Fresh Oyster with Smoked Tomato Sherbet

JPEG image-CD6B3DCDE900-14.jpeg

5 Kinds of Assorted Sashimi

I really enjoyed the sashimi here! Most of my friends know that I don’t really enjoy raw food, but I managed to enjoy bites of each type – the sashimi was noticeably fresh and sweet, and I enjoyed the snapper & sweet shrimp the most!

Also, I appreciated how their friendly staff would take the time to explain each course to us and answer any questions we had. They would also recommend which ones to eat first and how to eat them (eg. don’t dip the white fish into the soy sauce, and enjoy them on their own).

JPEG image-CD6B3DCDE900-10.jpeg

Grilled Seasonal Item

It must have been our lucky day, as the grilled seasonal item was this HUGE scallop – trust me, it was bigger than my palm! It was prepared really well with a light miso sauce on it that was super delicious.

JPEG image-CD6B3DCDE900-8.jpeg

2 Kinds of Raw Sushi + 2 Kinds of Aburi Sushi

JPEG image-CD6B3DCDE900-5.jpeg

So good y’all!!

JPEG image-CD6B3DCDE900-3.jpeg

Another pic just because thinking about it made me drool again…

The dinner ended with a light soup & coconut ice cream for dessert – super satisfying indeed!

JPEG image-CD6B3DCDE900-2.jpeg

Soup with mushroom & clam

JPEG image-CD6B3DCDE900-1.jpeg

of course, a sweet ending


JPEG image-CD6B3DCDE900-11.jpeg

Plus, free sake YAY!

Imagine all of this at $39/pax! What a steal, wouldn’t you agree?

Things to note: 

  • up to 2 redemptions per reservation
  • applicable only for dine-in, dinner 6pm – 11pm

This amazing deal ends 30 April, so there’s no time to waste! Share this with your friends ya #dontsaybojio. Happy eating!!


Kowayo Aesthetics: I lost 5cm in 6 sessions!

Date of treatments: March 2018 (6 sessions over 3 weeks)

It’s no secret that my 2018 resolution is to get back on track with fitness (and of course, no secret that I’m not doing particularly well) so I jumped at the chance to restart my engine once more with Kowayo Aesthetics.


who can relate?


Like almost all of you guys, I’m quite skeptical when it comes to miracle slimming treatments – if these work, then why do people still need to work out and eat healthy right? The whole world would be slim! So don’t continue reading this post thinking that I’m sharing some miracle treatment that lets you lose 10kg in a month – trust me, if that’s out there, it’s definitely not safe.


EnCurve Treatment – What’s it all about?


This treatment uses a high-tech medical-grade machine to reduce fat cells permanently through apoptosis-inducing (programmed cell death) radio-frequency. The energy actually penetrates deeply into the fat tissue to cause it to denature and break apart. The fat cells are then supposed to be able to leave your body naturally (so you are encouraged to drink lots of water!).

How comfortable were the treatments?

JPEG image-A671A0CCF960-1.jpeg

I have a low tolerance for pain or extreme heat (I really hate being put in a heat blanket to sweat it out) so trust me when I say it was very comfortable. The machine is put above the area that you are targeting, so there is no contact at all. The area might be slightly warm, but that’s it. In fact, I use each 30-minute session to catch up on my sleep.

Did I do any thing special to help the treatments?

Although I tried to kickstart my fitness journey using this as a motivation, I wouldn’t say I changed my lifestyle totally to warrant a huge impact on the results. I managed to gym twice a week for the first 2 weeks (the last week I totally bailed on exercise since life was totally crazy *cough*excuses*cough*) but I attended media tastings and ate as normal. I did try to increase my intake of water as recommended though!

Did it really work?

JPEG image-A671A0CCF960-2.jpeg

I am actually quite surprised at the results, to be honest. I expected some disappointment (from myself and the staff) but I lost 2.5cm on my upper tummy AND 2.5cm on my lower tummy.

Thank goodness they didn’t weigh me (that always stresses me out), so I get to be a little pleased at the results.

Most importantly, I felt a little more confident about my body and it gave me an extra boost!

Should you try it?

That’s totally up for you to decide, but why not? Especially if a big event is coming up, or if you’d like something to motivate yourself like me! For great results, I recommend pairing it with exercise and a healthy diet (because they are still important) and loads of water.

For more information on the EnCurve treatment, you can check out their site here. They also have a 1-for-1 trial treatment, you can call 6884 4297 for more enquiries.



A huge thank you to GotIdeas PR & Kowayo Aesthetics for the opportunity to try this out!