15% OFF Sudio Tre for your #2018 Fitness Resolutions

Happy 2018 to everyone! Although I’m still super jetlagged from my recent 3-week trip to Europe, I decided to do up a quick post because… there’s a good deal to share!


One of my 2018 resolutions (yes, don’t roll your eyes, we are going through the same sh*t every year) is to get fitter, or fit-ish again. Because I’ve been so blessed in 2017 with great food, great foodie friends and a lovely hubby to eat with, it was inevitable that I indulged a little too much. Plus, I got lazy.


So yeah, this getting fit-ish goal of mine entails me trying to whip some discipline back into my life too! But let’s not digress from the main star of this post – SUDIO!

I’ve previously done a post on Sudio’s Vasa Bla Wireless earphones, which are oh-so sleek and gorgeous (and which still accompanies me wherever I go). You can click here to read more about it.

Since it is the start of a new year, and tons of people (like me) probably have a fitness resolution in mind, Sudio released a gorgeous pair of TRE earphones – their first wireless earphones designed for an active lifestyle!

Here’s my thoughts on them after trying it out!


Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

so chio right?


It looks very similar to the Vasa Bla – equally sleek, minimalistic and sooo grammable. I don’t think there’s anyone who can actually dislike it. I got the colour combination of white and rose gold again, just because I’m totally obsessed, lol! But for variety sake, it also comes in black, classic blue and pink!

The biggest difference in looks is actually its wing tips, which is there to ensure a perfect fit during sports, or when you are running about.



Testing it out at the gym too!


Battery Life / Designed for active wear, the TRE sure doesn’t disappoint! Their battery life is improved to 9 hours active use (and 10 days on standby), and is supposed to take only 10 minutes for a quick charge, and 120 minutes for a full charge. So you know, when you finally decide to drag your arse out for a workout, low battery on your earphones will not be an excuse you use to skip it.


I did test out the quick charge by plugging it in to my portable charger for about 10 minutes before bringing it out for a 2 hour workout session – and it worked great!

Wing Tips / They send you 3 different-sized wing tips so you can pick your perfect fit, and even when I tried bouncing my head ridiculously during my run, it still fit snuggly. Plus points!

Finishing / It’s also sweat and water resistant with a matte finishing – everything you need when you are trying to shed those calories.

Overall, mega plus points in functionality for workout use!


For those looking for some specs, apparently it has Bluetooth aptX for better sound quality in this series as well!

  • Type: 15,2 mm dynamic speaker
  • Sensitivity: 103 ± 3dB SPL @ 1 kHz 178mV
  • Impedance: 32 Ohm ± 15% @ 1kHz
  • Frequency Response: 20 Hz – 20 kHz



The TRE series come at an affordable price of $139 on their website, which is super reasonable for its improved functions AND design.


I know, I know

And hold up, there’s extra goodies! Other than free international shipping, Sudio is giving a complimentary armband for every TRE purchase in January, just so you can really step up your fitness game.

PLUS, use my code <evannsee> for 15% OFF so you only have to spend about $118 instead! Whoo!

15% discount + free international shipping + free armband = WHUUUT. 


Happy shopping guys!



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