d’Good’s NEW Darn Good Durian & Coconut Skillet Pancakes (Must-Try)

Date visited: March 2017

 Durian lovers, stop whatever you are doing and appreciate this for a moment.


IMG_9374 2.JPG

Durian & Coconut deutsch skillet pancakes

That’s right, d’Good Café has launched new menu items and one of it is this glorious Durian & Coconut Skillet Pancake ($13). Generous amount of D24 pure durian flesh (legit, guys!) with creamy vanilla ice cream and housemade coconut sables (crunchy bites) topped with palm sugar syrup.


The hot skillet pancake goes extremely well with the creamy durian flesh and cold ice cream – together they are super creamy but light, with textures from the pancake and the sables.


Don’t miss this!

 Conclusion: Must-Try. Even J, who doesn’t like durian grudgingly said it was not bad 😀 Score!

Other new items to check out:


Bonito Benedict ($14)


If you are bored of the usual Eggs Benny and Eggs Benny Royale, here’s a new item for you to try. It’s Japanese inspired and reminds me of Takoyaki Balls!

There’s loads of bonito flakes, Japanese mayo, Worcestershire sauce and sesame dressing – super addictive.

Clams with Seaweed & Caviar ($16)


Definitely going back for more of this!

Another of my FAVES! The clams are delicious and savoury, and the pasta tastes super light and addictive. The toppings of seaweed and caviar give it the yummy umami taste. I couldn’t stop eating this dish!


If you are not into seafood, there’s also a new Kimchi & Shabu Shabu pasta ($16) available too! *Kimchi & Shabu Shabu pasta only at Holland V. outlet.


Kimchi & Shabu Shabu Pasta 

Baked Escargots in Shells ($13)

*Only at Taka outlet



Six extra-large escargots from France served with garlic butter and fresh herbs – the seasoning is really delish, remember to eat them with the garlic toast as well!

So many delicious items to try, so little time – head over to d’Good today to check their new menu out! Don’t forget to try their specialty teas and cold brew too! I had this Cold Brew infused with Lavender Earl Grey, and it was great!



Spread the love and jio your friends today!


d’Good Cafe

Holland Village – 273 Holland Avenue #02-01/02

Takashimaya S.C. – 391 Orchard Road #B1-56, Takashimaya S.C. Ngee Ann City


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