Lotte Mart Wholesale in Batam – YES!! (Must-Go!)

Lotte Mart Wholesale – Jl. Engku Putri, Batam Centre Core kel. Gulf Tering, district Kota Batam, Batam, Riau islands

Date of visit: July 2016

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Lotte Mart

Having stayed in USA for a year, I’ve grown to appreciate Costco and their wholesale supermarkets – being able to buy things in BULK (like serious bulk) and feeling like I’ve saved a ton of money. I think I’ve once bought like 60 packets of instant Quakers flavoured oatmeal for $15 or something… cool right??

That’s something I miss in Singapore, going grocery shopping with my friends and buying the staple things in bulk. So imagine my excitement when I stumbled into Lotte Mart Wholesale on a weekend trip to Batam!


Lotte Mart Wholesale is a super-sized grocery store aimed to provide businesses (retail, hotels..) and SMEs with quality products at very competitive prices. They use a membership system with these businesses (sending catalogs out and taking orders online, delivering goods to their offices/place), helping them cut costs and save time.

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Everything, everywhere

Although it was meant to be targeted at these businesses, many families also shop here for their daily needs. Oh, and also silly tourists like me who are amazed at these kinds of places.


uh, hello? This is like a grocery-shopper’s dream come true.

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Hello, Nutella

Even if you aren’t going to buy cartons of groceries back home (cos too inconvenient for the ferry), most of the things are wayyy cheaper here, from sanitary pads (yes girls) to snacks..

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So I heard you like Indomie

Indomie? Why not buy 40pcs at only SGD$7.60?

They sell almost everything from TVs, washing powder, home needs, to food, vegetables, fruits and snacks. I even saw a HUGE HUGE cream cake going for like SGD$20. It’s huge, I swear. Satisfy your need for a bargain by going there and buying stuff and ridiculously good prices, Singaporeans!


If you are staying elsewhere, take a taxi here. If you stay at Harmoni One Convention Center & Suites like I did (it’s getting meh, by the way), it’s just outside the hotel, so you can walk across the road to get there.

It has a huge parking lot space so if for some reason you are driving, parking is definitely not a problem.


It’s definitely worth a visit!! I love how this place offers good-quality stuff at wholesale prices, and how BIG this place is. If you are in Batam, don’t forget to make a trip here to stock up on some groceries and snacks!

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70 cents per box 😀

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Don’t say bo jio, share and spread the word!


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