Ola Spa, Bandung – Cheap & Awesome (Must Go!)

date of visit: August 2015

Address: Jl. Bahureksa no. 23. Bandung – West Java. Indonesia 40115.

Contact number: 62-22- 4234253/ 62-22- 6168898

No holiday is complete without a massage, so we were pretty determined to find a good massage place (at a good price, of course).

We were recommended by the hotel to go to Everyday Spa in Bandung, as they told us it was the most popular massage place. But when we called to ask about the price, it was really expensive, about IDR 295,000 for an hour. That was way more than we wanted to spend on a massage – almost Singapore price!


So we did some research and looked through reviews to find a better option. Pinisi Relaxation seemed like a contender, but some reviews stated that it was in a really sketchy, dark building. So it was out (We didn’t feel like getting assassinated).

We, however, found this amazing place called Ola Family Spa & Reflexology. It had great reviews and the prices were super decent. An hour massage was IDR 148,000, half the price of its competitors. Here’s some pictures from their website (I forgot to take pics!!)


Looks decent and cozy from the front!


Cozy inside too, clean and spacious.


Verdict: Massage was great, therapists were friendly. Definitely worth going (super value for money), and do call to book your session before you head down, as they were fully booked when we tried to schedule a second appointment.

P.S. They also have a couple spa package going at IDR 258,000 per pax, with a list of treats!

Our only regret was not being able to squeeze in a second session before we left Bandung – it’s literally the perfect ending to a day of exploring volcanoes!

That’s it – now you’ve got the full itinerary to visit Bandung on your next long weekend. Check out the links below for the 4d3n itinerary, accommodation and activities to do!

Don’t forget to tell me what you think, and spread the love!


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