The White Crater, Indonesia (Wanderlust-worthy!)

Date visited: Aug 2015

Entry fee: IDR 150,000 for foreigners/ person & IDR15,000 for locals.

Kawah Putih (eng: White Crater) is located in Bandung, Indonesia – about 1.5-2hr drive from the city center. It is aptly named for its eerily beautiful white appearance.


A view of the gorgeous Kawah Putih Lake.

Unlike in normal volcano craters, the lake here is highly acidic (ranging from pH 0.5 -1.3 – please don’t fall in guys!), hence the color changes from bluish to whitish green to even brown, depending on the sulfuric concentration. The sand/rocks surrounding these waters are whitish-yellow, due to the contact with the acidic waters.

The result? Breath-taking and beauuutiful – almost like a painting. Light turquoise waters, trees and greenery everywhere – if the waters were not killer-acidic, I would have taken a dip!

We were terribly lucky to have visited in an off-peak season/timing, which meant almost no other tourists except for us. (Tip: We set off at 6am from our hotel to reach here early, partly to avoid the road jams as well. If you are making a trip here, consider setting off early so you can enjoy the morning view with lesser tourists!)


These waters…

At parts of the lake, you can also see black shrubs (trees) with no leaves at all – giving the place its mysterious, slightly-eerie feel.

Everything about this place is picture-worthy, we couldn’t even resist jumpshots! (Except the little barriers at some parts, but i suppose they are to prevent tourists like us from accidentally jumping into the acidic lake…)

2 things to note:

  1. Bring a jacket – it’s situated more than 2000m above sea level, so it’s always chilly. I was obviously unprepared for this!
  2. Bring some masks – you will definitely smell the sulfuric fumes, and I don’t think it’s good for health. You will probably see some vendors around selling masks as well!

My usual attempt..

Worth wanderlusting over? Definitely. This truly unique place is gorgeous, you have to see it in person. After all, it’s only a short trip away from Singapore.

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