5 Reasons To Get Your Salted Egg Yolk Fix @ Bread Society/BreadTalk

Like many others, I’ve been sampling many salted egg yolk dishes recently – what’s there not to love? Thick, creamy, sweet & salty – all in one bite. It’s so good, it literally goes with anything – waffles, ice cream, cakes, donuts, bread, crabs, veggies… you get my point.

It’s such a big thing that salted egg yolk dishes are sprouting up everywhere, and people are rushing around to try each one (me included, guilty as charged!).

We chanced upon The Bread Society today (ION, food basement) and was surprised to see signs promoting their salted egg yolk croissants, and we thought – why not? We bought a box of 6 for $5.50 and OH MY… I could gush about it all day, but to spare you from dying of boredom, here’s 5 reasons why you should drop by and get yourself some. Like now.



Price at The Bread Society:

1 for $1 / 6 for $5.50 / 10 for $8

(seems like its priced differently at BreadTalk – 1 for $1 / buy 6 get 1 free/ buy 10 get 2 free)

#5: It’s $1.00 (or even cheaper)

Delicious & pretty snacks come expensive these days, especially if they are still trending. The cheapest I’ve come across is $4.80 for a salted egg yolk donut at The Bakery Chef, and this is wayyyyyyyy better.

This will definitely be the best $1 you have spent in a long time, and you can even buy a box of 10 for your friends and be their favourite person for the day.


My box of 6 @ $5.50!

#4: It’s MINI.

You will probably say “It’s $1 because it’s so much smaller than the others!” and YES, you are right – but that’s why you should get it!

If you like your salted egg yolk thick, creamy and grainy like me – too much is definitely a bad thing. With a larger serving, I find myself regretting the last few bites, since it becomes more and more “gelat“.

These mini croissants are perfectly bite-sized, enough to wow your taste buds and leave you craving for more! Plus, since salted egg yolk is super high in cholesterol, sodium and fat, it’s probably better for your health to have a mini portion. #justsaying

If you had a terrible day and need to cheer yourself up, you can indulge in 1 or 2 more.


Travelling all the way for a taste of salted egg yolk croissant from XXX place? Not my cup of tea. Sure, I’d love to taste all those gorgeous looking pastries, but it’s just so difficult to travel to remote places just to eat them. Unless I’m in the area, it’s just not practical.

Bread Society / BreadTalk is available in more locations, and usually in accessible ones (the Bread Society I walked past was at ION basement). PLUS, I didn’t have to wait – I could just get my box of croissants and leave (and snack on them ASAP).

I know patience is a virtue, I’m working on it…


Most $1 buns are hardly found on Instagram, they are just not that photogenic. Instead, you see $15 waffles and $20 pancakes looking all gorgeous on Instagram. That’s just the way it is – but now, say hello to this pretty croissant.

It’s $1, and it’s fine-looking. Tear it in half, and TA-DAH! Money shot right there.

#1: Most importantly, it is DELICIOUS.

Tip: Keep your eye out for the fresh croissants. It’s infinitely better if you get them warm and flaky.

I was fortunate to get mine freshly baked – the croissant was warm, flaky & buttery, and the salted egg yolk filling was thick, grainy and on-point.


Finger-licking good!

Seriously, what more can you ask for?


The Bread Society

Suntec City Mall

3 Temasek Boulevard #01-301/302
Singapore 038983

ION Orchard

2 Orchard Turn #B4-08/09
Singapore 238801


Lexis Hibiscus Port Dickson, Malaysia – Villa Getaway by Coach (Must-Go!)

Lexis Hibiscus Port Dickson – 12th Mile, Jalan Pantai, Pasir Panjang, Port Dickson, Negeri Sembilan, 71250, Malaysia

Date of Stay: March 2016

So we’ve been pretty burnt out at work and I wanted to arrange a surprise 3d2n getaway to celebrate his birthday, but I severely underestimated the cost of a whole trip for 2 (2 x transportation, accommodation… why so ex?!). I spent days searching for a place which was not too far away, a little luxurious yet not too expensive, what a typical Singaporean!

No flights, since they were too damn ex – so I was left with either Indonesia or Malaysia to run to! After comparing prices, and hotels, I decided on Port Dickson.

Port Dickson (Malaysia) is situated about an hour away from Kuala Lumpur, approximately 5 hours by bus from Singapore. Thankfully, they had a direct coach from Singapore straight to the hotel (SGD$70/round trip), so the transportation was pretty straightforward.

Why Port Dickson? Like so many others, I was so taken with the pictures of Lexis Hibiscus Port Dickson that I literally decided on the place FOR the hotel.


Lexis Hibiscus Port Dickson – pictures from their site

This is literally a dream come true – villas on the water, looking out into the vast sea, private pool, a true getaway.

So how did it fare?


We set off from Concorde Inn at 9am, and reached the hotel around 2pm, just in time for the check-in. The coach ride was moderately comfortable, and certainly nothing to complain about. 5 hours was pretty tolerable (any longer would be painful!)


The hotel was so HUGE, it required you to take a buggy around. Although that sounds like a logistical nightmare, their service was prompt, efficient and very friendly. We had a few issues at the start of the trip (more details later) that were resolved patiently by the staff.

There were many buggies around to ferry the hordes of tourists, and you could even call for a buggy to pick you up from your room!


There are a 2 restaurants at the hotelRoselle Cafe (western food, nothing much to brag about) and Umi Japanese. I was very impressed with Umi! For about SGD$65 we got

  • 3 types sashimi
  • Cod fish set meal (with rice, soup, salad)
  • Teriyaki salmon set meal
  • Dynamite sushi (monster-sized)

Dynamite Sushi – prawn tempura, salmon, cream cheese & unagi


The food was really good and well-worth the money!

Room service was not unreasonably expensive, about SGD$10 per main, but food didn’t taste fantastic.

Buffet Breakfast had a wide spread from omelettes, hashbrowns, sausages to asian food like Nasi Lemak and porridge. Thumbs up!

TIP: You can also get a taxi to go outside of the hotel for seafood, which most people do. However we were quoted about SGD15 (one-way) to travel to the seafood place. Since there were only 2 of us, it didn’t make sense to pay SGD$30 just to travel there and eat 1 crab (we weren’t big-eaters) :/ So if you are travelling in a group, do check it out!

ROOMS  *The main point of the entire stay here!

Let’s be honest here, at this place, you get what you pay for.

We initially paid for the Premium Pool Villa (SGD$200/night). However, it was only a half-sea view, since we were also facing the nearby villas. That was the thing that bothered me most – I didn’t want to be relaxing in the pool and staring at my neighbours relax in their pools. And I planned to relax in the pool, alot.


We were initially given the room marked 1, we upgraded to the room marked 2.

Since there were some Premium Pool Villas facing only the sea, we asked if we could move rooms to the ones further right. However they told us we would have to pay extra SGD$59/night (just for a better view).

An upgrade of room category to the bigger Panorama Pool Villas would be SGD$80/night. Since I didn’t feel good in the old room (sink was not working, steam room not working, TV not working…) we decided to upgrade to the Panorama Pool Villa.

The staff were helpful in assisting us to view the Panorama Pool Villa before we made a decision to upgrade (they picked us up from our room, brought us to view, brought us to the counter to do the necessary admin and dropped us in our new rooms).

Total damage: $280/night

Now that all the issues were over, we settled in our new room, and it was LOVELY.

86 square-meter room, huge wide-screen TV, bathtub facing the sea, 2 king-sized beds, private steam room and of course, our private pool facing the vast sea.

It came with daily complimentary snacks, water, coffee/tea and cold soft-drinks – no charge for the minibar, yaas!

Processed with VSCOcam with hb2 preset

Our pool – facing the sea

Processed with VSCOcam with hb2 preset

All day in the sun!

We literally spent most of the time lounging in the pool, soaking up some sun and then watching TV. In my opinion, it’s one of the best places to do nothing.

My favourite part? Staring into the sea.

Processed with VSCOcam with hb1 preset

So relaxing!


We caught the sunrise too!

My conclusion? It’s either all or nothing here. If you want to really enjoy these luxuries, upgrade to the Panorama Pool Villas facing the sea (there are even more pricey villas available). Don’t travel all the way here and settle for a villa facing the shore or another villa – this sea view is amazing.

P.S. The bathtub facing the sea? You can soak and enjoy the view outside, but if you are going to stand up and shower/rinse-off, please pull the blinds down haha! From experience, there are some jetskis or boats going by.

Other than that, I had a great experience on my 3d2n getaway to Port Dickson, definitely worth going! If you like this post, share and spread the love!

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Ola Spa, Bandung – Cheap & Awesome (Must Go!)

date of visit: August 2015

Address: Jl. Bahureksa no. 23. Bandung – West Java. Indonesia 40115.

Contact number: 62-22- 4234253/ 62-22- 6168898

No holiday is complete without a massage, so we were pretty determined to find a good massage place (at a good price, of course).

We were recommended by the hotel to go to Everyday Spa in Bandung, as they told us it was the most popular massage place. But when we called to ask about the price, it was really expensive, about IDR 295,000 for an hour. That was way more than we wanted to spend on a massage – almost Singapore price!


So we did some research and looked through reviews to find a better option. Pinisi Relaxation seemed like a contender, but some reviews stated that it was in a really sketchy, dark building. So it was out (We didn’t feel like getting assassinated).

We, however, found this amazing place called Ola Family Spa & Reflexology. It had great reviews and the prices were super decent. An hour massage was IDR 148,000, half the price of its competitors. Here’s some pictures from their website (I forgot to take pics!!)


Looks decent and cozy from the front!


Cozy inside too, clean and spacious.


Verdict: Massage was great, therapists were friendly. Definitely worth going (super value for money), and do call to book your session before you head down, as they were fully booked when we tried to schedule a second appointment.

P.S. They also have a couple spa package going at IDR 258,000 per pax, with a list of treats!

Our only regret was not being able to squeeze in a second session before we left Bandung – it’s literally the perfect ending to a day of exploring volcanoes!

That’s it – now you’ve got the full itinerary to visit Bandung on your next long weekend. Check out the links below for the 4d3n itinerary, accommodation and activities to do!

Don’t forget to tell me what you think, and spread the love!

The White Crater, Indonesia (Wanderlust-worthy!)

Date visited: Aug 2015

Entry fee: IDR 150,000 for foreigners/ person & IDR15,000 for locals.

Kawah Putih (eng: White Crater) is located in Bandung, Indonesia – about 1.5-2hr drive from the city center. It is aptly named for its eerily beautiful white appearance.


A view of the gorgeous Kawah Putih Lake.

Unlike in normal volcano craters, the lake here is highly acidic (ranging from pH 0.5 -1.3 – please don’t fall in guys!), hence the color changes from bluish to whitish green to even brown, depending on the sulfuric concentration. The sand/rocks surrounding these waters are whitish-yellow, due to the contact with the acidic waters.

The result? Breath-taking and beauuutiful – almost like a painting. Light turquoise waters, trees and greenery everywhere – if the waters were not killer-acidic, I would have taken a dip!

We were terribly lucky to have visited in an off-peak season/timing, which meant almost no other tourists except for us. (Tip: We set off at 6am from our hotel to reach here early, partly to avoid the road jams as well. If you are making a trip here, consider setting off early so you can enjoy the morning view with lesser tourists!)


These waters…

At parts of the lake, you can also see black shrubs (trees) with no leaves at all – giving the place its mysterious, slightly-eerie feel.

Everything about this place is picture-worthy, we couldn’t even resist jumpshots! (Except the little barriers at some parts, but i suppose they are to prevent tourists like us from accidentally jumping into the acidic lake…)

2 things to note:

  1. Bring a jacket – it’s situated more than 2000m above sea level, so it’s always chilly. I was obviously unprepared for this!
  2. Bring some masks – you will definitely smell the sulfuric fumes, and I don’t think it’s good for health. You will probably see some vendors around selling masks as well!

My usual attempt..

Worth wanderlusting over? Definitely. This truly unique place is gorgeous, you have to see it in person. After all, it’s only a short trip away from Singapore.

P.S. Tempted for a trip to Bandung? Don’t forget to check out my other links:

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