Two Cents Coffee – Bandung Cafe

Jl. Cimanuk 2, Bandung 40114, Indonesia

Date of visit: August 2015

We found this cafe after walking past a few “sketchy” cafes (no aircon, no proper seating and flies everywhere) so it was definitely a highlight for us!

Decor & Seating

Two Cents Coffee looks like a touristy cafe even from the outside, with a hipster, rustic feel. There is both inside (aircon) and outside seating available although it can get quite packed!


Prices were steep for Indonesia – roughly Singapore cafe prices ($10-15 for simple breakfast items), so I was pretty surprised to see many locals in the cafe too! Food was good and quality was as expected for the price. It was definitely also “instagrammable” with the nice plating and tablewares used, haha!


Service was a little slow, but it might be due to the cafe being crowded or just the laidback culture of the place. However, it was still adequate and doesn’t warrant much whining about.


Two Cents Coffee is definitely worth a visit the next time you are in Bandung! I’ve heard that the cafe scene in Bandung is growing quite rapidly, and I can’t wait to make another visit back and explore. If you have any other cafes to recommend, share it with me below!


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